Warning: This is a full episode recap, so if you do not want to read SPOILERS please watch the show first.

Last episode ended on something of a cliffhanger, but this episode picks up pretty much where the last one left off, with Thanagarian warrior, Byth Rok in the clutches of Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns who want the secret activation code to The Lighthouse, an ancient device which would help the Red Lanterns invade Guardian Space.  Despite his condition, Byth attempts to haggle with Atrocitous, who chooses to stick with torture as his method of gaining the code.

On board the Interceptor, Razer disagrees with Hal and Kilowog’s plan of action, which is to destroy the Lighthouse, cutting Atrocitus’ forces off from Guardian Space.  Razer thinks they should return to Oa and enlist the aid of the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, but by then, Hal argues, The Red Lanterns would already be in Guardian Space destroying worlds.

On Mogo, the living Green Lantern planet, we check back in with space criminals Zartok and Drusa, whom Hal and the gang encountered in the episode ‘Lost Planet.’  Drusa is attempting to repair a communications device.  She says they have received a message from the Red Lanterns that they were coming to their planet, but they don’t know why.  Zartok thinks Atrocitus wants him for the Red Lanterns.

We also check in with Saint Walker, who says Mogo promised he would find a beacon of hope on his planet, someone to inspire the galaxy and wonders if Mogo himself is that beacon.  Mogo says he is not then tells Saint Walker to climb a mountain and he would find his answer.

Hal and the gang use Byth Rok’s code to open a portal through which they travel.  Kilowog experiences a bit of Claustrophobia in the narrow tunnel.  They come upon The Lighthouse and prepare to blow it up, but the structure’s defenses kick in.  It fires on them, then grasps the Interceptor in a tractor beam.

The Lighthouse has already been taken over by the Red Lanterns.  They have a brief scuffle before Kilowog disables the tractor beam.  They are still receiving heavy fire from the laser cannons, though so they fall back.

Another group of Red Lanterns arrives on Mogo.  Zartok tells Atrocitus to free him so he can lead his army.  Saint Walker, from the mountain, spies the ship and rushes toward it.  Mogo tells him that his path does not include vengeance and urges him to keep climbing, but Saint Walker says that the Red Lanterns destroyed his world and many others and cannot be allowed to continue their path of destruction.  But before he can get any closer, the ship beams up its target and departs.  Mogo fires on them, but they escape.

Once outside the space portal, Aya detects the full Red Lantern armada on its way and due to arrive at their coordinates in less than an hour.  Hal formulates a crazy plan involving them flying through the beam forming the portal.  Aya says that only she has the precision to do this.  Despite the damage she begins sustaining almost immediately, she powers through and makes it to the Lighthouse.  She sneaks in under the noses of Bleez and the others and deactivates the Lighthouse’s automatic defenses before they detect her.  Aya uses the Lighthouse’s defense satellites to drive the Red Lanterns out.

Razer sets the Lighthouse to explode and they depart for Guardian Space, but Atrocitus’ ship is right on their tail.  Zilius Zox asks if they should try and reprogram it, but Atrocitus says that the Lighthouse’s destruction will serve his purposes and instead, launches the Liberators.  Hal orders the destruction of the Lighthouse.  Upon it’s destruction, the tunnel starts to collapse in around them!  Hal barely manages to get the ship out before the tunnel completely closes up.  Somehow, mysteriously, Atrocitus’ ship also made it.  Hal, Kilowog and Razer board the ship, but don’t find anyone on board.  Seemingly too late, Razer realizes it’s due to self destruct… and it does!

On Mogo, Saint Walker reaches the top of the mountain but does not find anyone else there.  He asks why Mogo made him climb only to find nothing.  He wonders if this means there is no hope.  But defiantly, he declares that he will never lose hope and will fight the Red Lanterns.  Suddenly, a blue light bathes him and he finds a Blue Lantern battery and Power Ring, making him the first Blue Lantern.

Razer managed to enclose Hal, Kilowog and himself in a force field, but they discover that the Interceptor has been taken and that Drusa has reprogrammed Aya to serve the Red Lanterns.  Drusa scoffs at Zartok’s assumption that he was the one the Red Lanterns were coming for.  Aya sets their course for Oa, leaving Hal and the others stranded.  Atrocitus detonates the Liberators inside the former space tunnel creating a wormhole for his armada to pass through.  Hal has no clue what to do now.

This was a pivotal episode, as the Lanterns have finally left the Forbidden Zone and have once more reached Guardian Space only to find themselves stranded and in no condition to stand against the Red Lantern army already on its way.  They’ve also lost Aya and the Interceptor to Atrocitus.  On the other hand, we get to see a new champion born in Saint Walker, who will surely prove important in the final showdown with the Red Lanterns.  All in all, a pretty tense and exciting episode, which leaves you wondering how they are going to get out of their current predicament.

What did you think?  Are you excited to see Saint Walker become a Blue Lantern?  How do you think Hal and the rest will recover and turn the tables?  Comment below!