Avengers Vs. X-Men continues here, as Cyclops splits the X-Men up to seek out Hope, the Mutant Messiah who may be the new host of the Phoenix Force.  Namor, space skunk lady Hepzibah and Sunspot are sent to Tabula Rasa, where the X-Men just had an adventure.  There they are encountered by the Apex creature they first met there that ended up being a friend.  They also enlist the aid of the alien like queen Namor slept with as a negotiation technique.

Unfortunately, of course three Avengers also arrive, Luke Cage, The Thing and She-Hulk.  The two teams fight.  Namore takes out Luke Cage, while Thing and She-Hulk both defeat Hepzibah and Sunspot.  But the real throwdown is between The Thing and Namor, a rivalry going back to the earliest days of the Fantastic Four.  The Apex awkwardly ends the fight when he asks when they are going to copulate.  Magik, luckily intervenes and tells Namor that they found Hope and that he is needed.

What can I say?  It was one long fight.  That’s the point of this event, isn’t it?  Just to watch two super heroes duke it out.  So I guess it delivered and the pairing of Namor versus Ben Grimm made sense, given their history.  I think She-Hulk was just there because Greg Land wanted to draw her.  Land has a very detailed, smooth style, but yeah I get why people say his women look too porn-y.  But at least overall his proportions and poses are realistic, unlike other, more offensive artists, in my opinion.

Eh.  It was a big fight scene.  If that’s your thing, cool.  It’s all getting to be too much for me.  It’s not bad, so I’m not going to burn it, but it was a complete throwaway book for me.

Verdict: Borrow

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land and Jay Leisten
Cover by Land and Wil Quintana