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For generations, ‘Sesame Street’ has used irreverent comedy to teach kids valuable lessons about everything from the alphabet and numbers to morals and in order to stay relevant, the show has had to evolve with the times.  Their latest clip parodies one of the biggest pop culture phenomena around, Netflix’s sci-fi hit ‘Stranger Things’.  And the creators of this sketch didn’t just take the title and tweak it– into ‘Sharing Things’– but this is an expertly crafted tribute to the Duffer Brothers’ creation, with direct references to Hopper‘s police investigation into the rotten pumpkins and a cameo by the least-successful new character of the second season.  There’s even sweet #justiceforbarb.  (And I swear, if you close your eyes, you’d think the Joyce puppet was really Winona Ryder.)

In the clip, Ernie and Grover stand in for Dustin and Lucas, while the Cookie Monster menaces them as the Cookie Gorgon.  Will the kids successfully teach him the value of sharing?  Watch below to find out!


This is just the latest ‘Sesame Street’ pop culture parody.  They have also satirized ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Walking Dead’ and more.

The parody might be too sophisticated for some children, since ‘Stranger Things‘ is definitely not a kids’ show but presumably, this is one of those cases where the creators are crafting something educational for kids, but including sly Easter eggs for adults to enjoy.  But at least “it doooooesn’t suuuuck!”

Check out ‘Sesame Street’ on PBS.  ‘Stranger Things’ seasons one and two are available on Netflix, as is ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ a postseason two wrap-up chat show.

What do you think?  Did ‘Sesame Street’ do “justice” for ‘Stranger Things?

Source: i09