Previously on Eureka…
Ok there is no previously on Eureka this week. Why is there no previously on Eureka? There’s ALWAYS a previously on Eureka.  I guess it’s because all is back to normal… sort of.  But to catch you up – the Astraeus launched early. The crew was kidnapped by Beverly and used to create crazy items in a virtual Eureka. Our heroes saved the day. Beverly now has Senator Wyn trapped in the virtual world.

Here there be SPOILERS – with a massive OMG adorable spoiler at the end….

At Café Diem – Zane is still having issues with the whole Matrix love between Jack and Jo.  But Jo and Jack are ok with it all… right? Apparently, not Jack, he’s still feeling a wee little bit awkward.

At GD – Zane has fired up the evil big blue glowing beds and the matrix they’re attached to. Fargo wants it shut down and moth-balled. I killed Holly so it needs to be gone. Is Zane going to listen? Hellz no. He fires that puppy right up all by himself. (This is not going to go well.)

Allison is all a flutter because Dr. Warren Hughes is scheduled to pay a visit to GD. You remember him don’t you? He’s the one, last season, that tried to break up Jack and Allison. His job this time is to evaluate the crew from the Astraeus and determine if they are ready to go back to work.

He begins with Dr. Fowler, the crew’s particle physicist. Unfortunately the experiment he had planned, a teleportation device he devised while in the VEureka, doesn’t go as well as he’d hoped. We do, however, get a great comedic slapstick of Jack getting a side of beef blown up in his face. But poor Fowler is redacted.

Fargo’s next on Warren’s list and his “recreational therapy” is a little unorthodox. He’s got to play laser tag with Warren!

Jack’s getting some unorthodox treatment of his own by Allison in the med lab. I’m not sure kissing the boo-boo is considered real science any longer but who’s complaining! (These two are just too cute together.)

Warren and Fargo begin his therapy session running through a darkly lit room blasting little bolts of light at each other. Pew! Pew!

Jack pulls his gun and starts firing at a random lab tech! I don’t think Jack‘s in Kansas anymore. (ZOMG! How cute! Jack just said, “What the FRAK?!” I love this show!) Jack isn’t in Jack anymore. It’s Fargo!

And Jack is in Fargo. He has no problem, once he figures out where he is, taking out Warren in the game. Jack, I mean Fargo, I mean Fargo in Jack’s body finds Fargo, err Jack in the laser tag room. Allison thinks they’re both kidding until Jack-in-Fargo retells the little make-out session they just had in the med lab. Allison, “Oh my god you’re not joking!” Jack-in-Fargo, “Is this my joking face? No! This is not my face at all!” They have to keep this from Warren somehow.

In the med lab – Fargo-in-Jack is able to speak the leetspeak to convince Grace and Henry that it really happened. He and Carter really swapped bodies. He thinks it may have happened when Dr. Fowler ran his teleportation presentation that went amok.

Meanwhile, Jack-in-Fargo is giving all the not Fargo answers to a psych picture test. Warren is amused and intrigued. Zane breaks the tension. He found something promising on the project that should have been moth-balled. Jack-in-Fargo tells him to continue and report back. Not the answer Fargo would use but Zane’s going to run with it.

Fargo-in-Jack is having tests run and enjoying the thought of Allison either dating him in Jack’s body or dating Jack in his body. Not a pleasant idea for Allison. Something goes wrong, there’s a neural spike and Fargo is back in Fargo’s body. Lucky for Fargo Jack did ok on the psych test so he’s not been redacted.

Back at the lab Jack is back in Jack’s body. They still have no idea what caused the swap. Henry couldn’t find anything that would link this swap to the teleportation device.

In the morning Jack is awakened by a very nice, very normal sexy hot girlfriend – that would be Allison. But just as they’re about to, ya know, he starts rubbing his arm all funny. Oh dear, Jack is in Zane now, in the shower. And into the shower sneaks Jo. Oh Boy indeed Jack. (This show’s getting a little racy! I like it!)

Zane-in-Jack is diggin the “dream” he’s having, while Jack-in-Zane is all kinds of uncomfortable. (Niall Matter does an AMAZING job impersonating Jackisms!) Once Jack-in-Zane calls Zane-in-Jack and gets him to understand the situation Zane-in-Jack is not digging any part of it – especially the hairy parts of Jack.

On his way to GD, Zane-in-Jack takes advantage of the situation to do a little police work, Ponch style. He takes off after a traffic violator.

At GD – Grace has found that Jack’s neural patterns are different than the other crew members. Things couldn’t get much worse but then Warren walks in. It’s Zane’s review day and Zane’s not in Zane.

Out on the back roads – Zane-in-Jack get’s “bad to the bone” when he pulls over the gal that was speeding. He makes it clear to her to be sure to file a sexual harassment claim with Deputy Andy as soon as possible. (Way to go Zane! Such a childish jock prank!)

Warren has a special activity for Zane’s evaluation – rock climbing. Jack-in-Zane is really doing his best but he’s got a serious fear of heights. Fargo interrupts. He’s set Martha to makes sure Jack-in-Zane puts the big glowing blue beds in the vault like he’s supposed to.

In the med lab – Zane-in-Jack breaks it to Allison that he’s Zane as Jo walks in. Awkward! Uncomfortable turns to panic when Warren and Jack-in-Zane come running into the lab chased by a rogue Martha.

Luckily Martha gets imbedded in a wall. Unluckily, Warren almost has a heart attack. This is three pieces of tech that’s gone looney today. It has to be connected.

Jack’s brain scans show an anomaly. Grace and Allison think his brain is acting as an antenna for the Z-waves of the crew. The only recourse is to operate. They may be able to use a nono-probe to cut the connection. Brain and cut are not two words Jack wants in the same sentence.

Fargo and Grace inform Warren of the situation. He appreciates them coming forward with the truth but he regrets to inform them that once the surgery is complete they will all be redacted. (Ya know Warren you can really suck at times!)

Jo tries to assure Zane-in-Jack that nothing happened in the shower. She didn’t get in the shower with Jack she got in the shower with him. Zane-in-Jack, “except that Jack was in the cockpit.” Jo, “don’t say cockpit.” Jack-in-Zane got to see WAY too much of Zane’s cockpit! Jo doesn’t care what happened in the VEureka and tries to convince him but all he does is kiss her. (aaaaaaaw) And then Jack is back in Jack’s body and Allison walks in. (Poor Jack.)

Allison is going to drive a nano-probe through Jack’s brain to fix this over active antennae thingy. Does she really want to do this with all the tech that’s been doing hooey? I guess she doesn’t – Jack and Allison switch bodies.

Bad side – Jack is still hooked up and Jack-in-Allison’s hands are in his brain. Good side – Allison can talk him through it. Luckily Jack’s played a lot of video games in his life so he scores!

Zane explains to Jo that the programming in the VEureka was based on personal algorithms that make what happened between Jo and Jack not just possible but probable. It really bothers him that they could really actually hook up. But she points out that the major reason she and Jack together was the fact that Zane died. So as long as Zane doesn’t die there will be no Jo and Jack.

Henry finds that all of the tech that’s been malfunctioning is running on the same Z-wave frequency as the crew. And it’s all been receiving signals from another source – not Jack. It’s the Matrix mainframe. It’s been sending signals to the crew through Jack.

Zane shows Fargo that the program is still active in the matrix. Holly could still be in there. Hope flashes across Fargo’s face. Henry bursts his bubble because they need to shut down the mainframe before Jack and Allison are stuck permanently. The look of pain on Fargo is heart wrenching!

Jo decides to have a deep heartfelt talk with Jack. She has no clue Allison is in Jack. She just spills her feelings and admits she’s had thoughts about him but it’s natural. They’re best friends, he’s attractive, she REALLY attractive, so it would be natural for them to have those kinds of thoughts. Allison never lets on that she’s in there. When Jo asks “Jack” if he’s had the same thoughts Allison-in-Jack replies “no” in the coldest jealous girl voice a man can use.

Zane noticed when he rebooted the matrix it started looking for missing files, which are the crew’s brains. Because Jack was in essence wifi’ed into the matrix it can read him like a wifi hot spot. Henry says they have to shut it down. Zane says if they do they will lose all the data, possibly including Holly. Fargo makes the tough call and tells him to shut it down. Zane pulls the plug. Allison returns to her body. Jack collapses.

He’s alive but his brain is corrupted. They try a hail-mary by using the nano-probe to shock the cluster in his brain. It works!!

Warren notices that things seem to always go wrong at GD (understatement of the season) but everyone has a knack for making it turn out right. He’s reconsidered his decision to redact the crew. Happiness!

Oh no! Grace tells Henry she needs to go away for a while! Sadness!

But wait!





Do NOT read further if you intend to watch this episode!
No seriously! Turn back NOW!!

I warned you…

Jack get’s down on one knee, right there in the middle of Café Diem, and…

PROPOSES to Allison!! Ok so he uses a friggin onion ring as a ring but it’s Jack! He’s the master of improvising!

And Allison says yes!

They are definitely pulling out all the stops on this season.  It’s so very bittersweet! To think all of this fantastic writing is being done as the show is about to end. Not to say the writing in the last four seasons was bad – far from it. I’ll just miss all these twists and turns and silly science catastrophes. But then maybe that’s the point of the series cancelation – it’s gotten stuck in a rut. We’ve had four (soon to be five) great seasons of the gang saving Eureka, and sometimes the world, after some strange system failure. You would think that formula would get old but I’m not tired of it yet. What do you think?

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