Yesterday, we got our first look at Steven Pasquale (‘Rescue Me’) as Dr. Jason Cole in NBC’s modern retelling of the classic tale of ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ titled ‘Do No Harm’. Set in modern times, ‘Do No Harm’ tells the tale of Dr. Cole who has another personality that goes by the name of Ian Price. When Price takes control of Dr. Cole’s body and mind between the hours of 9pm and 7am, he is a vicious sex-crazed monster of a man. Cole gets one of his medical pals to come up with a serum to keep Price submerged and it has been working… until now!

Now we have a couple of more videos from ‘Do No Harm’. In the first, Pasquale discusses the dual nature of his character… or is that characters?

In the second, Dr. Cole is out with a lady friend when he realizes that Price is about to take control.

In addition to Pasquale, ‘Do No Harm’ stars Alana De La Garza (‘Law and Order’), Mousa Kraish (‘Superbad’), and Phylicia Rashad (‘The Cosby Show’).