Wow, it is not a great week for DC Comics TV projects.  First, the Cartoon Network cancelled ‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series” and ‘Young Justice: Invasion,’ now the CW has announced that it’s proposed live-action drama ‘Amazon’ featuring a fledgling Wonder Woman has also not been picked up.  However, in the case of ‘Amazon’, all hope is not lost.

The network simply felt the project needed more time.  Writer Allan Heinberg (‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘The OC’) has yet to turn in a completed script, but it should be noted that Heinberg has actually written the Wonder Woman comic book, so if anyone will “get” the character, it’s him.  Plus, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has been such a big hit, with its sexy, soapy formula, it would seem his talents are perfect for the CW, a network known for such programs.

Deadline Hollywood reported: Getting another DC drama on the air has been important for the CW, especially in light of the success of Arrow this season, so Amazon remains a high priority at the network, sources say.

Arrow‘ indeed seems to have to blown away expectations by becoming one of the surprise hits of this TV season.

The CW is still in the process of finding the perfect Diana and Deadline Hollywood also pointed out that the network may actually order an “off-cycle pilot” meaning they may not wait until next year, if they like Heinberg’s script and are able to assemble the right cast, including the Amazing Amazon.

How do you feel about this?  Are you upset that ‘Amazon’ won’t be swinging onto your TV set next fall?  Or are you relieved to see the network exercising caution and taking its time with the project?  And what type of show do you think would work best for this version of Wonder Woman?  Leave a comment below!