Previously on American Horror Story, we were shown the story of 1968, with the murder of the two nurses. Vivian and Violet are attacked by a group who enjoys reenacting the LA Murders. Ben went back to Boston to help his mistress through an abortion, something which he had lied to Vivian about. In response to everything that has happened, Vivian decides she wants to sell the house.

This weeks episode opens up in 1983, where Young Moira is making the bed for her male boss. He was pushing himself physically on her when Constance walks in. She shoots Moira through the eye, and tells her husband that he’s broken her heart for the last time before shooting him multiple times. She then sits on the bed, takes off her earrings, and begins to cry.

In the present day, Vivian and Ben are fighting about keeping the house. Vivian doesn’t feel safe, but Ben has disclosed to her (after lying to her) that they no longer have any money. Between moving cross country and setting up a new practice they are broke. Vivian says she would rather rent a studio apartment then live in this house any longer. While exiting the room, Vivian tells Ben that if he lies to her again that they are done.

Later on, Vivian is threatening the realtor to sell the house after saying she will sue for not disclosing the full history of the house. In the background, Constance and Old Moira fight, Moira wanting to get out of the house, Constance saying she does too but they can’t, all while Constance is stealing more from the Harmon’s.

Meanwhile, Ben meets with a new patient, Sally, who is going through a divorce. In the middle of the session, Ben winds up in the middle of the yard with bloody palms. He walks back into the house to find Young Moira cleaning up the blood on the floor. When trying to find his tape recorder, Young Moira continues to try and seduce him, which he eventually tries to fire her. Old Moira fights for her job. Vivian thinks Ben has lost his mind from all of the stress that has been going on. Later, while Vivian is cutting flowers, a tour called Eternal Darkness comes by the house, calling it the “Murder House”

The next day, Ben goes to talk to Violet, who says she would like to talk to someone who isn’t him. She’s also hiding Tate in the bushes. Hayden comes to see Ben, who tells him she didn’t have the abortion. She says he’s going to pay for her to move out here, and he’s going to tell Vivian about their child. Before they could conclude their conversation, a detective comes to see him about Sally, who has gone missing. The Detective also sees Young Moira, and asks how he can do any work with her around the house.

Vivian, incognito, goes on the Eternal Darkness tour. We are flashed back to 1922, when the house was originally built. Doctor Charles and his wife Nora reside, and Charles has a Frankenstein complex. When we first meet him, he is trying attach wings to a pig. After being called to dinner several times, Nora finally comes to the basement and brings him upstairs. In the dining room the couple fight over money. The next day, they start bringing in girls to have “plastic surgery”. Between the two of them, they killed over two dozen girls. Before we can find out how things ended, which all we know is that it ended violently, Vivian realizes that she is bleeding and runs into the house, revealing to the tour that she lives there.

The next day, Vivian and Ben are at the OB/GYN, and we find out that she didn’t miscarry, but she is told she is not allowed to move while pregnant. Ben, while trying to stand up, passes out. The doctor takes some blood and tries to figure out what is wrong. Back at the house, the Realtor is hanging a “For Sale” sign in front of the house while Constance is walking her dogs. Constance sees Tate in the house and tries to wave, but he walks away from the window. She tells the Realtor “Good luck with selling this lemon” and walks away.

Larry bothers Ben on his run, asking him for $1000. Ben keeps running after telling Larry to leave him alone. When he gets back to the house, he tears up his office looking for his tape recorder, and then winds up in the backyard again. Constance is there, telling him that the soil is no good for fruit, but he should build a nice gazebo there. Moira watches and Ben digs a hole as Constance talks. A young woman, who resembles Nora, comes to see the house, although is disturbed with the modernized kitchen. She is revealed to have a gash in the back of her head, showing that is in fact, Nora.

Sally is found after trying to kill herself. She had Ben’s tape recorder on her. Vivian and Violet fight about leaving the house and moving into an apartment. Violet says if they leave the house she will run away and they will never find her. The OB/GYN calls Ben to tell him they found drugs in his system, drugs from the 1930s. Ben tells Young Moira that it was her fault, and she tells him to prove it. Hayden comes over, and continues yelling at Ben about the things she needs and wants, until Larry hits her with a shovel repeatedly, killing her. He says that since he is the one who killed her, Ben will get none of the blame as long as he doesn’t tell anyone. Larry also says he solved all of Ben’s problems. He says he will bury the body…but he could really use that $1000. As Larry begins digging more into the hole where Ben has previously started, Young Moira’s body is recovered and Old Moira is seen crying in the window. After the body is buried you see Ben building a gazebo over it, and Nora watching Vivian as she sleeps.

So how do you feel about American Horror Story so far? We are three episodes in, and I think we have a good feeling about where this show is headed. I’ve heard some mixed reviews on Twitter, some being that they are really enjoying it, while others saying it is too predictable. What do you think? Is it really a “Horror” story, or just a ghost story? What would you do to improve upon this series, or do you like the way it is going right now?

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