inhumans black bolt lockjaw anson mount

Marvel’s newest foray into their televised portion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘Inhumans,’ will open with a special IMAX theatrical premiere next month before moving to ABC on a weekly basis.  The initial trailer for the series has left fans largely underwhelmed, with complaints focusing on the lack of visual flair and a seemingly missing attention to detail in the characterization of the various team members.  Through these complaints, though, many fans remain optimistic about what they will see, especially due to the fact that the creative team recently talked at length about how the clips as seen in the show’s trailers are not the “finished product.”

From a more in-universe logistical standpoint, many folks are wondering about the communication skills of Inhuman leader Black Bolt, portrayed on-screen by Anson Mount.  In the comic books, Black Bolt cannot speak – or rather, he chooses not to, as his Inhuman power is such that makes his voice so powerful that he literally decimates anything in range of his sound wave.

So, seems like a challenge to bring to the screen, yes?  Marvel’s Head of TV Joesph Loeb spoke about how he addressed the issue with Mount in a recent TCA panel:

“When we first sat down and started talking about the role, we said, very point blank, ‘You have no dialogue, and you will never have dialogue.’ It’s not as though there’s a point where there’s going to be a secret operation. You’re going to have to find a way to communicate with your hands and your eyes and another way.”

So, can Mount do any form of communication other than staring contests?  Yes indeed – as explained in a different panel:

“Since he can’t talk without killing everybody and destroying everything, he uses sign language to communicate while Medusa translates. Anson Mount explained… that he developed his own signs to use as Black Bolt rather than just using straight-up American Sign Language, though he did consult with an ASL expert in order to make it more efficient and realistic.”

Certainly, this will be one of the more intriguing on-screen aspects to watch for during ‘Inhumans’ premiere and as the series progresses.  The “official” description of the show is below, along with the premiere date information!

Marvel’s Inhumans explores the never-before-told epic adventure of the royal family including Black Bolt, the enigmatic, commanding King of the Inhumans, with a voice so powerful that the slightest whisper can destroy a city. After the Royal Family of Inhumans is splintered by a military coup, they barely escape to Hawaii where their surprising interactions with the lush world and humanity around them may prove to not only save them, but Earth itself.

Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ premieres in IMAX theaters on September 1, 2017, with the two-part first episode; the show will air on ABC starting September 29, 2017.