With only ten episodes per season, ‘Game of Thrones’ usually ends every episode with a game-changing reveal that leaves its audience in shock and awe. Continuing in the tradition of weddings being terrible in Westeros, the “Purple Wedding” came and went earlier this season. But even though we’re dealing with the aftermath of that still, the most recent surprise came from beyond the wall as we finally saw what the White Walkers have been doing with Craster’s sons for all these years. Recently, director Michelle MacLaren weighed in on these developments which stray from George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ book series.

Since the show began in 2011, one elusive group that dwelled beyond the wall was the White Walkers. They were things of legend that very few have come in contact with and lived to tell the tail. Sure, Samwell Tarly got away, but that was a fluke. Anyway, little is known about this race of creatures, but in last week’s episode, we leaned some fairly important information about them. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, MacLaren shared her thoughts on these new developments and her excitement to bring that moment to life:

“I was so blown away to find out what they are doing with the babies. I thought ‘Wow.’ I was very excited to do that. I had thought they ate the babies – isn’t that horrible?

“We saw very little of the White Walkers other than the one on the horse. There’s a lineup of blurry figures and we pull back over the baby. Presumably those are White Walkers, but we left that somewhat of a mystery on purpose.”

Wait, so is she trying to say that the White Walkers could be working with some other party? Maybe we’ll find out in this Sunday’s episode, which is also directed by MacLaren. While she does keep tight-lipped on the details, she does praise showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for being great writers who plan on “moving beyond the books” more and more.

Though the director won’t let any hints about the latest installment of the acclaimed HBO fantasy drama series, we do have some promotional material for the episode that previews what’s to come, like Daenerys making plans to visit King’s Landing, Tommen being crowned, and Little Finger continuing to be creepy. You can check out the gallery of stills below courtesy of MTV, followed by a promo for the new episode:

What do you think about the White Walker situation going on beyond the wall? How surprised were you when you found out what had been happening to Craster’s sons? Share your thoughts in the comment section.