We haven’t heard a lot about the ‘Knight Rider‘ reboot movie since it was first announced last June, but all of that changes today. If rumors are to be believed there have been not one but two major starring roles offered for the film. It looks as if Chris Pratt (‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, ‘Her‘) and Danny McBride (‘This is the End‘, ‘Your Highness’) have been tapped to play the lead characters in the film. It would appear that everyone’s favorite television series starring a talking car is finally in motion to get the big screen treatment.

Which roles have these two been offered? There’s no news on that but one would assume that the lead Michael Knight has been mentioned to one and that either the role of the main villain or the voice of KITT was offered to the second. Both of these actors are known to bring levity to the table in their roles so there is a good chance we would be seeing a focus on a comedic film in the vein of ’21 Jump Street’ and not an action drama here. An AI in a car chasing after bad guys does seem like it would fall more squarly into the realm of comedy these days than when the original series had premiered, but only time will tell which route they actually are going.

While an action drama of this nature clearly worked when the show was released in 1982, the 2008 reboot sung a different tune which failed to deliver a solid viewership base and was cancelled after only 17 episodes. Of course, concept doesn’t make up for poor writing, acting, and directing which all have been key components to the first reboot’s failure.

I won’t lie. I always wanted a talking car growing up and the blame for that sat firmly on KITT’s frame.

If this casting proves true, what do you hope to see in a ‘Knight Rider’ reboot and who would you like to see play Michael Knight? Should they be thinking about going the more serious route or is a little bit of slapstick just what they need to make this movie work?

Source: Schmoes Know