We really haven’t seen who the big baddie is in the ‘Men in Black 3’ film but it looks like we now get a good view with these new images of Nicole Scherzinger and Jemaine Clement.

Earlier there was a brief glimpse of Clement in alien form in the first ‘Men in Black 3’ trailer that was easily missed if you blinked. But now 3 new images have surfaced that shows both Scherzinger as sexy Lily Poison and Clement in all his alien glory.

Unfortunately, the two don’t show up in the third new ‘Men in Black’ TV spot that has popped up online. This spot does have new footage, just none that include Scherzinger and Clement specifically. I would have really loved to have seen some footage of the two in the trailers and TV spots and hope some will come out soon.

You can check out both the images and the commercial below. Let me know what you think of the new villains for the movie!

‘Men In Black 3’ Images:

Third ‘Men in Black 3’ TV Spot:

‘Men in Black 3’ stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson and Alice Eve and hits theaters on May 25th