I’ve heard a few rumblings lately from people who don’t think that The Black Widow has what it takes to run with the big boys in the Avengers. Not because she’s a woman though, but because unlike her teammates, minus Hawkeye, she doesn’t have any superpowers. However, she is a super spy. Her skills are not limited to the handgun that she’s wielding in the trailers for ‘The Avengers’.  Maybe these people are forgetting all the ass that she kicked in ‘Iron Man 2’.

Well, to remind everyone just what it is Natasha Romanoff can do, there’s a clip showing off the Widow’s skills on various sites. In the clip, she’s being interrogated by some imposing figures, but she makes light of the situation by saying that they aren’t giving all they got. When Agent Coulson informs her that Hawkeye has been compromised, Natasha goes to work. Check out the clip below to see The Black Widow in action.

‘The Avengers’ Black Widow Clip:

In addition to the beating, we also get a sneak peek into the comedy of the movie. Besides Whedon’s trademark strong woman character, we also have some of that in battle comedic moments that I recall from ‘Firefly’.

What do you think about this glimpse at The Black Widow? Do you think that she does well enough on her own without a super suit or a thunderous hammer?