Teen Titans GO! to the Movies

Fan of the classic ‘Teen Titans’ have been dying for the upcoming release of ‘Teen Titans GO! To the Movies‘ and now we’ve got a new behind-the-scenes featurette to share with you! In it, Warner Bros. has shared some comments by the cast as to what our young heroes motivations are in the film. At the end of the day, though, this should be fun for fans as Khary Payton who plays Cyborg states that “We got more room to run around, but we’re just still being us. We just made a movie! Booyah!”

You can check the 2-minute video of the cast talking about this take on ‘Teen Titans’ in the video below, though if you’re not in an area where you can listen to the audio, we’ve included some of the main commentary right under it.


According to Scott Menville who plays Robin in the film, “Every other superhero has had their own movie, and it is time for the Teen Titans to have theirs, so they go to Hollywood to make it happen.” In a way, this almost could be seen as the Titans trying to grow up and be taken seriously as the voice actor continues that “having a movie is the only way to be seen as a real hero.”

Kristen Bell plays a big shot Hollywood director named Jade who only makes films about “real superheroes” who isn’t thrilled at their pitch.

Tara Strong’s Raven realizes that they need something more and points to a poster for ‘Batman v Joker: Yawn of Justice’ and asks “What about an arch-nemesis?”

Anyone familiar with the source material knows that there is only one villain who can fit that mod and we see Will Arnett as Slade who is “the number one enemy of the Teen Titans.” His usual hijinx are at a new scale in this outing as well since “in this film, he’s looking to dominate the world, and it’s up to the Titans to stop him from that.”

It looks as if our young heroes are going to have their movie pitch after all. According to Strong, “We’re going on a big adventure in this movie. We go other places; we meet other people, it certainly is a much bigger endeavor than the regular series.” This is particularly true when Slade’s plan involves mind control, and he takes over “Batman, the Flash, the Spectre, Shazam, Hawkman, Jonah Hex, Krypto, Wonder Woman (Halsey), Green Lantern (Lil Yachty) and Superman (Nicolas Cage).”

‘Teen Titans GO! to the Movies opens in theaters on July 27.