Deadline is reporting that New Line Cinema picked up a pitch from Michael Starrbury based on the Image Comics title ‘The Great Unknown’ written by Duncan Rouleau. The story centers on a slacker named Zach Feld with big ideas for big innovations. However, he believes that someone is stealing them and carrying them out without giving him credit. Since no one believes him, he sets out on a journey to solve the mystery behind the idea thefts.

Jorma Taccone, the director of cult hit ‘MacGruber’ and member of the comedy group The Lonely Island, is attached to action-comedy for New Line. Producer of ‘Source Code’ Mark Gordon and Jennifer Todd are set to produce.

It is unknown as of yet if the other Lonely Island members will join Taccone on the project. Andy Samberg is all over the place right now and Akiva Shaffer recently wrapped the sci-fi comedy ‘Neighborhood Watch’ starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill.

It sounds like ‘The Great Unknown’ is definitely in Taccone’s wheelhouse. If it contains even a portion of the hilarity that the director puts into his Lonely Island skits, like ‘I’m On A Boat’ or ‘Do The Creep’, then we should expect quite the comedy.