Yesterday we posted a bootleg version of the season 7 trailer for ‘Doctor Who’ that premiered at the official ‘Doctor Who’ convention over the weekend. Well my fellow Whovians, we now have the official version thanks to the BBC and BBC America!

The clips are from the the first few episodes that have already been filmed but it looks like most of the emphasis is on the Western episode that was filmed in Spain. Here, you’ll get a better look at the “half-human, half-Cyborg’ nemesis, a glimpse of guest stars Mark Williams and Ben Browder, and, of course, the Doctor and his Stetson (because “Stetsons are cool”) as well as one of our last looks at Amy and Rory before they leave.

The trailer just makes me want autumn to come sooner especially when the music begins to play! Check out the official trailer below and let me know what you think of the upcoming season!

‘Doctor Who’ Official Season 7 Trailer: