The plot of the new CW drama pilot ‘The Selection’ has just gotten a little more interesting with the addition of William Mosley.

‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ star will play Aspen Leger, a handsome and brave young man who belongs to the servant class but has a regal bearing under his ragged clothes.  Aspen loves poor young America (Amiee Teegarden) but since it is considered illegal to be in a relationship outside one’s caste, their relationship must be kept hidden. When he learns that America has a chance to better herself and her family by competing in the Selection to win the right to marry Prince Maxon (Ethan Peck) and become the next queen of the war-torn nation, he decides to make it easy on her and enlist in the royal army.

‘The Selection’ has been likened to ‘The Hunger Games’ (and rightly so) as the pilot also has an advisor to contestants in the form of Sylvan Santos (Sean Patrick Thomas), who is “a close adviser to the current queen and an expert in royal etiquette who advises the participants in the competition.” Leading the rebellion to topple the corrupt monarchy is Gaia Woods (Peta Sergeant) and in what may seem like a page right out of the most recent clip from ‘The Hunger Games’ movie, is Gavil (Andrew Elvis Miller) who is a “Ryan Seacrest-type” TV personality who hosts the Selection game which is broadcast nationally.

I like the bit of drama that Mosley’s character brings in the mix but will it be enough to stray away from ‘The Hunger Games’ so that viewers won’t think it’s just another rip off? I guess all that can be said now is “Let the games begin!”

Source: Deadline