We knew that River Song would be returning in the Pond’s farewell episode in this season’s ‘Doctor Who’ but now we have a first look of her as she was caught filming her scenes at the Glamorgan Building in Cardiff, Wales.

Per my usual warnings of late when it comes to my reporting any type of ‘Doctor Who’ news, if you don’t want to know anything about this episode, then you should stop reading now as the rest of the post does contain spoilers!


Still with me? Good! Come along Pond… er… Whovians!

Reports have the setting of the episode occurring around 1938 per the prop newspapers used in the scenes. This seems to correspond to what was being said before. Apparently in the episode, River has been posing as a gangster named Melody Malone which is the same name on the book that the Doctor was reading in one of the scenes filmed in New York. (Maybe it’s a book about Melody’s adventures a la what Joan’s granddaughter did with John Smith’s dream diary from ‘Human Nature’ and ‘The Family of Blood’?)

Other scene tidbits have River meeting Rory in this past time period and he asks her, “How did I get here?”  There is also another scene where Amy is running after River but when she catches up to her, River seems to be in a daze.

Lastly, we may be treated with a new type of Weeping Angel as an onlooker who was watching the night filming reported a scene that was filmed using a statue of a mother and a child:

“…they’d shot some scenes of an American guy crossing the street in the rain to look at the statue. They then took away the woman part of it, leaving just the child, and took some more shots of it with the fake rain on.”

I must admit, the worse part of this job is writing the spoilers as I would love to be as surprised as everyone else when I watch the episode. However, the best part of this job is also the spoilers because it just wants me to see the episode that much more! But if you’ve already read this far then you’re probably in the latter category and like me, can’t wait until autumn rolls around!

So what do you think of the developing plot of episode 5 so far?