The X-Men are still inside the “Tabula Rassa,” the white dome they entered last issue.  Psylocke and Magneto prepare to defend themselves from The Immortal Man, a mysterious armored warrior worshiped as a god by the primitive green beings of the dome.  However, The Immortal Man pays them no attention and instead wipes out the native creatures!

Cyclops finds himself a prisoner of another creature, along with the rescue workers that entered the dome before them.  The being has, up to now been silent, but he reveals that he was listening to the people talk in order to learn their language.  He also informs them that they aren’t prisoners, but that he captured them to protect them from the rest of the harsh creatures in the dome.

Magneto meanwhile is utilizing his magnetic powers to frustrate The Immortal Man’s efforts.  They are soon joined in combat by Danger and Storm, driving The Immortal Man away.

Magik has been taken, so Colossus summons his Juggernaut armor to go after her, down a mysterious cave.  Namor informs Hope that the body of water in which they are swimming went from a calm lake to a river with rushing currents, which the creatures living there view as an assault.  When they spotted Namor and Hope, they believed them to be representatives of the force that they believe is attacking them.

Cyclops returns with the creature, who explains their current circumstance.  He and The Immortal Man are the last of their species, the Apex.  Knowing that a long eclipse was coming that would tax their resources, this being urged his people to go into stasis.  Immortal Man instead wanted to use technology to burst through the dome.  The other creature was rejected and went off into stasis on his own.  The Immortal Man failed, becoming trapped in limbo, so eventually the Apex went into stasis but planned poorly and plants siphoned off their stasis pods’ power and the Apex themselves were eaten.  Upon his return, The Immortal Man discovers what has befallen his people, which is why he wiped out the primitive creatures in the beginning.  The other Apex explains that The Immortal Man will attempt to restore their people, no matter what the cost.

This is an interesting X-Men story.  The Apex alien with his ability to learn language quickly is unique.  However, I don’t feel it’s must-reading.  It’s decent enough and a nice way to kill ten minutes, but that’s about it.

The art is a draw, though.  Greg Land has one of the prettiest styles in comics and his work shines here.  He renders wonderful facial expressions.  Psylocke has never looked better!  His work is just shy of cheesecake.  His environments looks stunning.  So at the least, it’s a very attractive book.

Verdict: Borrow

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land and Jay Leisten
Cover by Land & Ponsor