Filming is in full force in Montreal, Canada for the ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ sequel but unlike other movie productions, the producers and director are not shy about sharing production material with the fans.

Vin Diesel has been updating the progress of this film from the very beginning via his Facebook page and has already shared the first look of his character in full costume from the movie. In his latest post, Diesel shared a production still with the comment, “The Furyian left for dead….GRRRRRR”

If you’re wondering what the look of the film will be, you can thank director David Twohy. A couple weeks ago he uploaded on his blog some storyboard illustrations from artist Charles Ratteray who was in the hospital with the comment:

“…most of you don’t know about an artist named Charles Ratteray who does storyboards for me, just utterly dope stuff like what you see here.  Well Charles wound up in the hospital this weekend with cardiac issues – way too young for that nonsense at just 36 years old – and this is big shout out to him, hoping he recovers quick and picks up that magical stylus soon.  You have a lot of fans in Montreal, Charles.”

So now we have the full cast list and synopsis and some pretty cool looking stills from the movie. I’m pretty positive more images will be released as the production goes on. I think it’s great when filmmakers and their stars share the process of filmmaking. Especially on a project as long awaited and much wanted as this ‘Riddick’ sequel, don’t you?