With the departure of Lily Collins from the reboot version of ‘Evil Dead,’ many were wondering who the producers and director would get to replace her. Well wonder no longer as Deadline is reporting that Jane Levy is in negotiations to take on the role.

Levy is currently starring in the ABC comedy series ‘Suburgatory’ where she plays Tessa Altman, a New York city girl who is transplanted into the depths of suburbia and must adjust to her new surroundings. She will take over the role of Mia (the female version of Ash) which Collins formally was to play. If you recall, Mia and 4 friends head to the woods to help with her detox. There, they end up at a remote cabin (is there any other kind in a horror film?) where they discover a book wrapped in human flesh, the Book of the Dead. Unwittingly, they summon up demons and when Mia begins to tell her friends about the unsettling events, they don’t believe her until one by one, each encounters their own horrors and only one is left to fight for survival.

Joining Levy in the film will be Shiloh Fernandez who has signed on for the lead male role. Fernandez is no stranger to the woods as he was also in the horror film ‘Red Riding Hood’ in the role of Peter.

Also exciting for all the ‘Evil Dead’ fans is the rumor that Bruce Campbell will be making a cameo in the film. While some sites are reporting it as a done deal, others haven’t mentioned it at all so we have a call out to Campbell’s camp to see if they’ll confirm it.

‘Evil Dead’ has Sam Raimi (‘The Grudge’, ‘Drag Me to Hell’) producing with Oscar winner Diablo Cody (‘Juno’, ‘United States of Tara’) scribing the last set of revisions. This will be the first feature for director Fede Alvarez who seems to be excited about the film as he has shared a photo of the woods where the Book of the Dead will be located which you can see below.

‘Evil Dead’ will begin production sometime in March in New Zealand for an April 12, 2013 release.

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