This episode, things heat up as Bo and Kenzi help another Fae find his missing treasure. But beware: This is a recap, so there are spoilers ahead.

Bo and Kenzi shop for supplies at a hardware store. They talk about Bo; she ran away when she was 18, and she grew up in a small town. They seem to be developing a true friendship. Bo spots a good-looking guy; she is hungry and would like a snack. Kenzi stops her, “We don’t kill where we shop.”

A man searches for someone in the woods at night. Green fire flares sporadically. The man stops at the edge of a cliff; he drops his backpack. The man is determined not to fall for any tricks. He finds a small shelter. Inside is a chest filled with treasure.

Back at Bo’s, Kenzi has moved in and is helping Bo decorate the place so it looks less like a crack den. Bo is upset when she learns Kenzi has been getting furniture by using a five-finger discount. Bo doesn’t want to attract attention; they need to stay under the radar so they do not get the Fae angrier with Bo. By not choosing a side, Bo has put herself in a precarious situation. Suddenly green fire lights up the couch, and a man appears. The man is Will; he is a will-o’-the-wisp, and he lives in the forest outside of town. He is there because the man who has been looking for Will for years stole his treasure. Although he is a member of the Light side, he came to Bo because she is not part of the system and he has information about her parents that he thinks will motivate her to help him. And he is right. He asks Bo if she has a birthmark on her left foot just above the heel, and she does. He tells her about the night 28 years ago when he saw a woman carrying a baby run through the forest. Bo wants to know more, but he will only tell her after she has found his treasure.

Will finds the man’s backpack, and Bo takes the gun inside the pack to Dyson. Bo gets back to his desk by telling the other cops, who are charmed by her, that she is his girlfriend. Dyson warns Bo about staying out of Fae business, but Bo is stubborn, and she threatens to ask a human officer and reveal the truth about her nature. Dyson agrees to help, but she has to go with him to start learning the rules.

Dyson takes Bo to the pub and introduces her to Trick, an Elder. Non-locals have to declare themselves at the pub. Many at the pub are uncomfortable with Bo’s presence because her independence goes against tradition and has made a political mess. Bo wants to know more. Trick takes her to a back room. Bo remarks that the furnishings look “early Tolkien,” and Trick replies, “Where do you think he got it from?” Trick asks Bo for her parents’ names, but she does not know who her real parents are. Trick knows both her parents must be Fae because she has abilities. Children with only one Fae parent do not have abilities. Bo signs Trick’s book. He tells her that the Light and Dark Fae have been on the brink of war for almost 1000 years; a war between the sides could destroy both the human and Fae worlds. He stresses that it is important for the Fae to remain hidden; it is easier for them to remain a myth, and questions do not help them stay hidden. He also tells her that he thinks her parents let humans raise her to protect her.

Dyson tells Bo that the gun is registered to a Michael Connel, who lives in a trailer park. He warns her to be careful about whom she trusts. After Bo leaves, Trick and Dyson discuss Bo. Trick has his suspicions about Bo’s origins.

Bo and Kenzi go to the trailer park. Bo knocks; there is no answer. Bo opens the door slowly, hears the click of a gun, and dives out of the way to avoid the shot. There is no one at home; the gun is a makeshift alarm system. Bo, whose hand is hurt, and Kenzi enter and search for clues, finding lots of books about the Fae. They find a jewelry store circled in the yellow pages. Before they can leave, a gun-toting neighbor stands in the doorway. The lady doesn’t buy their story, so Bo approaches and kisses her. She needs a snack. Bo can’t stop, so Kenzi pulls Bo off. Bo whips around and chokes Kenzi, her eyes glowing. Bo comes to her senses and thanks Kenzi. The woman is fine. They exit the trailer; Bo’s hand is healed. Kenzi is to go back home while Bo investigates the jewelry store.

At the jewelry store/pawn shop, the owner does not believe Bo’s story and denies having any uncut gems, so Bo threatens force. The owner tells her where Connel can be found. Bo calls Kenzi so they can meet at the hotel.

Dyson and Hale are at the trailer park. An ambulance takes the neighbor away. Hale covered Bo’s tracks by using his siren ability on any curious people.  Hale is concerned that Bo could be getting out of control.

Kenzi is also concerned about Bo losing control. Bo assures her that she is okay. Kenzi stays in the car so Bo can check out Connel. Bo dresses as a maid to gain entry into Connel’s room. He lets her in, but he aims a gun at her. The maid had cleaned the room thirty minutes ago. Connel knew the man in the woods would send someone; he tells Bo that the man in the woods is his father. Connel tells her his mother worked at a research facility in the woods. One night, she saw the green lights and followed them. She got lost, and Will found her. He wined and dined her, and she left the forest pregnant. She spent years looking for him, but he would not let her find him. Many thought her story was crazy, and Connel is upset that she died without seeing his father again and proving her story. He wants to meet his father; he took the treasure to get his attention.

A man approaches Connel’s room. He takes off his head and pulls out a sword. Kenzi rushes out of the car. The man bursts into the room. Connel leaves. Bo fights the mysterious attacker. Kenzi gets a mop and tosses it to Bo. The mop gets cut in half by the sword. Bo stabs the man with both halves of the mop handle, killing him.

Bo takes Kenzi to the pub. Humans are not really welcomed at the pub. Bo claims Kenzi, and Trick tells her that Kenzi is her responsibility. Dyson is at the pub, and Bo needs his help. All three go out to Bo’s car. The mystery man is in the trunk of her car. The attacker is a Dullahan, the mercenaries of the Fae world. They are almost unstoppable.

Dyson pulls Bo aside. Bo needs to contact Lauren, the doctor who works for the Light side. Bo needs her help to start finding a better solution to her hunger needs. Dyson reluctantly gives Bo the information.

Bo and Kenzi tell Will about his son. At first he is happy, then he is worried about a human knowing about the Fae, but he comes around and is actually happy to be a father. Will is fascinated by a fire extinguisher and denies sending the Dullahan after Connel.

Bo goes to Lauren. It is dangerous for Lauren to help Bo because Bo has not picked a side. If Bo became a member of the Light side, then Lauren would not have to hide helping her. Lauren gives Bo an injection that helped an incubus, which is a male succubus. The injection helps curb the hunger, but Bo will not be able to heal unless she feeds again. Why would Lauren risk helping Bo? After Bo used her persuasive ability on Lauren, she possibly became more than fascinated with Bo.

Bo meets Connel at the storage facility. He shows her the treasure chest. He aims his gun at her. He wants the world to know the truth because of what happened to his mother. He makes Bo toss him her phone, and he locks her in the room. She tries to relate to him about being abandoned, but he says it is not the same because she has powers and he does not.

Will and Kenzi arrive. Bo yells, but Connel aims the gun at them, forcing them to stay. Will tells Connel that Fae are not allowed to tell humans the truth, which is why he kept hidden from him and his mother.

Another Dullahan arrives. Will confesses to hiring them because he did not know Connel was his son. He cannot make the Dullahan stop; once the Dullahan accept a job, they don’t stop. Kenzi gets Bo out. Bo fights the Dullahan with a pipe. Kenzi holds the Dullahan’s head over a fire. The Dullahan cuts Bo’s throat. Kenzi drops the head into the fire. The Dullahan dies.

Bo bleeds from her neck. Kenzi supports her because she is weak. Will tells Bo that the woman in the woods was a Fae midwife; she was running away from someone trying to hurt the baby. He does not know any names, and he does not know if her parents are alive or dead. He encourages Bo to find her parents. Will disappears, taking his son with him.

Bo does not need a doctor; she needs Dyson. In order for her to heal from a serious wound, she needs intimate contact, and Dyson is the only man she knows who has a chance of surviving a sexual encounter with her. And he is very willing to play doctor. As they kiss, Bo’s wound heals.

I am impressed that the second episode maintains the quality of the first. Bo’s character is still impetuous, rebellious, and impulsive. She is confused by what she is and the world she has suddenly discovered, but that is not going to change who she is. And I like seeing Bo and Kenzi as friends; there are very few shows that feature a strong friendship between women. This episode was paced well. Information from the short exposition scene with Trick and Bo came back later, which means one has to watch carefully because there are very few wasted moments. Even short scenes, like the one when Kenzi and Will discuss his weight, reveal character and explain future actions. Will tells Kenzi that he binge eats because he is lonely; knowing he is lonely explains why he would take his son with him after the events have been resolved. With strong writing and excellent characters, ‘Lost Girl’ is quickly becoming a show I am recommending to everyone.

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