The Predator

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains SPOILERS for ‘The Predator’, so if you want to avoid them, you may wish to turn back now.

‘The Predator’ was originally scheduled for release in March of this year, but in February, it underwent some extensive reshoots, which according to star Keegan-Michael Key drastically altered the film’s third act.  This necessitated moving its release to September 14.  Things seem to be on track now though, but what changes were made to the final act of the story?

It seems that the Predators will strictly be the villains of this picture.  The “friendly Predators” have been completely removed from the film.  Also removed are other hybrid creatures previously glimpsed with one exception– the “Predator dog” remains.

The main monster of the flick, the “Upgrade Predator” attacks the humans’ Project: Stargazer base but allows the main human characters a chance to escape before he hunts them down.  This sequence takes place entirely at night in the woods.  The “Upgrade Predator” then hunts the humans down to figure out who is the best fighter among them.  Apparently, the various characters’ deaths were completely retooled and reshot.

There have also been some scenes that establish for certain that the previous ‘Predator’ films, including ‘Alien Vs. Predator’ are in-continuity.  The character Lex from ‘Alien Vs. Predator’ (played by Sanaa Lathan) is referenced when her spear is shown on display along with ‘Predator 2”s City Hunter’s weapon.  Olivia Munn’s character, Casey, is also shown looking at grainy photographs of the invaders from ‘Predator’ and ‘Predator 2.’

Are you a fan of the entire ‘Predator’ series?  If so, these little Easter eggs should be good for a chuckle.

The cast and crew will appear at San Diego Comic-Con, so expect more news when that arrives.

the predator cast

Directed by Shane Black (‘Iron Man 3’, ‘The Nice Guys’), ‘The Predator’ stars Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Augusto Aguilera, Alfie Allen, Sterling K. Brown, Jake Busey, Thomas Jane, Keegan-Michael Key, Niall Matter, Olivia Munn, Edward James Olmos and Yvonne Strahovski and invades theaters on September 14.

Source: AvP Galaxy