Dynamite Entertainment recently launched a ‘Voltron’ comic series based on the famous animated series. With the success of the first issue, they have decided to do what the execs behind the CSI franchise have done many times: launch a new series. Dynamite is no stranger to the characters that lit up screens big and small during the 1980’s. The company has adapted ‘Robocop,’ ‘Army of Darkness,’ ‘Highlander’ and ‘Red Sonja.’

‘Voltron: Year One’ will be written by current ongoing writer Brandon Thomas with art by Craig Cermak. The series will go back to the successful comic book well of detailing the “making of” a hero or team of heroes in their first year of action. Thomas had this to say about the new series in a Dynamite press release:

“Finally, one of the greatest (though misunderstood) characters in the entire Voltron mythos gets a chance in the spotlight, as we dig into his time leading Space Explorer Squadron #686, soon to be known as the legendary Voltron Force. In the fateful missions leading up to the rediscovery of Voltron, any and all burning questions will be answered—what’s the real reason Sven’s tenure piloting the Blue Lion was always destined to be a short one? What event ensured that Keith and Lance would forever be rivals? Why has Pidge always been the most dangerous member of the team? And the biggest burning question of all—did the Galaxy Alliance send this particular squad of space explorers after Voltron because they thought they would succeed or because they knew they would fail?”

The original 1980’s anime was a prime inspiration for the once dominant Power Rangers franchise and was a favorite with children of that decade. In the Twenty-First Century, the comic rights were acquired by Devil’s Due who produces a few miniseries.

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Here are the covers for ‘Voltron: Year One’ #1: