Batman Batpenis

Let’s just cut to the chase, if you just want to see Batman’s penis, click here.  (NSFW, duh!)  And now, we can proceed.

‘Batman: Damned’ written by Brian Azzarello with art by Lee Bermejo is the inaugural book under the DC Black Label line, for mature readers only.  But no one was prepared for just HOW mature this book would be once it arrived.

The internet exploded once fans got their first look and realized that, not only did the book feature explicit language– is anyone surprised that Batman curses?– but nudity.  Explicit Bat-nudity.  In particular, there is a scene of Batman returning to the Batcave.  As soon as he steps out of the Batmobile, he strips completely naked.  (Doesn’t everyone do that when they get home?)  (Personal note, it appears that Batman goes commando under the Batsuit, which is kinda… ew.  Not even a jock strap?  Or more importantly, a cup?!)  Bermejo then renders a long shot of Bruce naked from behind complete with his shapely muscled back and (probably) rock hard rump.  But then… Holy Batpole!

There are two illustrations that pretty clearly detail the Un-Caped Crusader’s Batmanhood.  (He is circumcised.  I know you were wondering.)  Now, this scene takes place in the Batcave, so it isn’t well-lit.  Most of Wayne’s groin area is obscured by shadows, so (THANKFULLY) there are no Batballs on display.  Still, it was enough to ignite a sh** storm online.

Some fans just weren’t ready.

While others were.

If DC wanted to stir up controversy to promote this book, mission accomplished!  But honestly, after this, there probably won’t be any more explicit nudity in this series, since it’s not likely that– outside of the inclusion of hardcore pornography– ‘Batman: Damned’ will create another uproar to this degree.  The publicity needed to spark interest is already here.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Batman has appeared naked in a book.  And he’s not the only one, as obscured nudity is fairly common in comics these days.  Heck, full nudity from behind isn’t exactly rare.  And Batman and others have been shown in the throws of passion, particularly in pre- and post-coital scenes.  Ben Affleck even filmed a naked-from-behind scene as Batman/Bruce Wayne for ‘Batman V Superman’, which was cut but released on the Blu-Ray.

Now, if you want to hold the Batpeen ‘Batman: Damned’ in your hands, get your (fully clothed) ass down to your LCS, because according to Screen Rant, DC has already announced that digital versions of ‘Batman: Damned’ will be CENSORED!

Oh by the way, this is a supernatural story, which features Batman teaming up with John Constantine and Zatanna and… ahhh… no one cares.

Are you outraged?  Is this hot?  Or just kind of dumb?

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