One of the most iconic films of the 80’s has to be ‘Back to the Future.’ Even now, 25 years later, it is still a movie that holds up to the test of time. Now comes word that a movie is in the works that has been described as a love letter of sorts to the Robert Zemeckis classic.

‘Great Scott’ is set in England and is about a “slightly despondent working class teenager who would do anything to escape his mundane life and (live out) the kind of adventures Marty McFly did in the hit film.” No word if this will strictly be a character driven film or if there will any sci-fi elements in it but either way, the film sounds pretty good.

The script was written by Alex Child and Hiram Bleetman and Phil Hawkings has been hired to direct the film. Hawkings may not be a household name yet but you may recognize him from the 2007 reality show ‘On the Lot,‘ the Spielberg show that was looking for the next great director. Although he didn’t win the competition, he has gone forward and already has two features under his belt and a comedy to be released.

‘Great Scott’ does seem to have potential but I am curious to see what the approach to the film will be. Will it be a whimsical coming of age story or a comedic sci-fi infused film? Casting for the movie should start soon and production is slated to begin around Easter. Hopefully we’ll hear more about which direction the project will take as it gets closer to filming time.

Source: Movie Hole