It seems we have finally reached the point in the life of ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ where fingers start to get pointed, as everyone tries to figure out what happened with not only the movie in general, but also specific aspects. And with all the controversy and disappointment regarding the Lex Luthor in the film portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, no one should be surprised that the actor has finally decided to weigh in on the situation. While before it seemed as though the man was not bothered by the negative critiques of his characterization of Luther, in a recent interview Eisenberg opened up a bit, especially in regards to why Lex’s story felt so rushed, why his decisions often seemed illogical, why his information seemed to arrive as though out of nowhere (i.e. how did he learn the secret identities of the Batman and Superman? or how to weaponize Kryptonite?), and whether or not he was actually a puppet of Darkseid the entire movie. In Eisenberg’s own words:

It’s a very complicated mythology that I was able to wrap my head around while we were filming, but I think there were certain editorial choices that I was not aware of that they put in retroactively.”

Couple that with the recent news from ‘Batman V Superman‘ editor David Brenner who claimed that the original cut of the film ran over 4 hours in length (a full hour longer than the Director’s Cut that Zack Snyder plans on releasing), and one cannot help but wonder how much of the cut scenes actually explained Luthor’s plot in the film, and are the missing pieces of the story that would have made Lex’s arc in the story make more sense. Of course, it would make sense in this kind of blockbuster to make some cuts, but it is a testament to just how overstuffed and action focused this movie was that they could not take the time to set up the main villain of the story properly, or do justice to a character who is almost as iconic as Superman himself.

What are your thoughts on Eisenberg’s comments? Did you want to know more of Lex’s story during the movie? Share your opinion in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant

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