When we last heard from Russell T. Davies he was taking a sabbatical from the world of entertainment in order to be with his ailing partner Andrew. He did mention, however, that he had a “small commitment” with CBBC that had predated his plans and that he needed to see it through before completely stepping away. This project has now been announced and it is a new children’s television show called ‘Aliens vs. Wizards.’

The BBC describes the show as “Doctor Who meets Harry Potter.’ Davies is listed as co-creator along with Phil Ford who is known for writing the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘The Waters of Mars’ and the ‘Doctor Who: Dreamland’ series. He was also the head writer for ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures.’

The series will follow the same format as ‘SJA’ in that it will contain 12 two-part episodes lasting a half hour each and some of its episodes will be written by ‘SJA’ alumni Joseph Lidster and Gareth Roberts (who has also written for ‘Doctor Who’).  It’s also been said that many of the crew who worked on ‘SJA’ will also be working on this new show.

Even before this series was announced or even aired, the BBC has already ordered a second season. Apparently they must have a lot of faith in the show and think that it will be a big hit.

On a side note, on the agent’s page for Davies, it lists him as a writer for a 25 minute pilot called ‘Star Lost’ made for BBC Worldwide. Unfortunately, no other information was listed about the show. Hopefully it will be a pilot that will also air in the US for fans of Davies to enjoy too!

Source: io9