michael sheenIn what could be the absolute perfect casting choices, we’ve learned that Michael Sheen (‘Underworld’,’Masters of Sex’) and David Tennant (‘Doctor Who’,’Jessica Jones’) will be playing the leading roles in the Amazon Studios adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s ‘Good Omens‘. These actors will be central to the story being told as Sheen will portray the angel Aziraphale while quite fittingly we’ll see Tennant as the demon Crowley.

The updated take on this novel will put the world in 2018 instead of 1990 when it was initially released. The world is on the brink of the apocalypse that will decide the final judgment of humanity. Only, this angel and demon have long developed a friendship that they’d prefer not to see come to an end. That, and they’ve also come quite fond of living amongst the humans. To stop it, they’ll need to find the Antichrist which Crowley can’t seem to track down.

david tennantThe series itself is set to take place over six one-hour episodes. Amazon has yet to reveal if this would be an ongoing show though likely we’ll see at least everything from the novel play out over these initial six hours, and it would be unclear if Gaiman would agree to a further story being told without the late Pratchett’s input on it.

Gaiman’s work has been in hot demand as of late with ‘American Gods’ making a killing with ratings on Starz and ‘Lucifer’ which is loosely based on the character he created for Vertigo comics years back already renewed for a third season on Fox. Let’s also not forget that studios are still also trying to adapt ‘The Sandman‘ as well.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Good Omens’? Do you think that Amazon Studios will be able to do this classic novel justice? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Variety