bbt gang annoyed at sheldon

The episode opens with the guys in nerd heaven, as they watch Penny, Emily and Bernadette discuss the merits of Batman actually being able to take on Superman in a fight in the upcoming ‘Batman V Superman‘ film. bbt guys astounding at girls comic talkWhile Leonard, Howard, and Raj wait with breath held to see where the conversation goes, it eventually becomes the ladies talking about wanting to go see the next Leonardo DiCaprio flick, and the guys realize the moment is over. Fortunately, Sheldon leaves his bedroom to announce his sickness has passed, though no one else is as excited as he is. Leonard reminds his roommate of how he acted while sick, from berating Leonard for making him chicken with stars soup instead of with noodles, to yelling at Penny even though she was cleaning the apartment, denying Bernadette’s drugs and calling them a joke, to refusing to let Emily examine him because she’s only a dermatologist.

bbt vegas trip comic store talkLater, during a Sheldon-free trip to the comic store (after they hear Stuart’s tale of abuse by sick Sheldon), Leonard suggests they all take a Sheldon-free trip to Vegas to have some time to recover, starting a with a party bus with booze to get them there (Penny makes sure it is not a bus with juice-boxes and video-games as she dealt with at Howard’s birthday). Everyone is in, but Sheldon overhears the conversation, and though he does not really want to go, he is hurt when Leonard informs him that he is not invited.

bbt sheldon is healthySheldon seeks out advice from Amy, who stayed suspiciously long in Detroit on a neurobiology conference, claiming to be enjoying the January sleet, when in reality she wanted nothing to do with an ailing Sheldon. She delicately teaches Sheldon about empathy, helping his realize how his actions while sick might have hurt his friends. Sheldon actually does start to feel some remorse and uses that knowledge to apologize whole-heartedly to Leonard, who is surprised by the action, accepts the apology, but still tells Sheldon he cannot go to Vegas with them. Leonard explains that Sheldon pissed off everyone in the group, and Sheldon realizes if he wants to go, he needs to apologize to everyone.

Thbbt raj and emily fight over sheldone apology circus begins with Bernadette and Howard, who graciously accept Sheldon’s apology but turn down his rendition of the “I’m sorry” song on his pan flute though they are forced to accept the commemorative T-Shirts of Sheldon’s first true apology. Next Sheldon apologizes to Penny, basically holding her hostage as his apology happens while she is in the shower, and she accepts just to get him to leave her alone. He next visits and apologizes to Stuart, while also telling the man about the Vegas trip that the gang had not invited him on. Lastly, he visits Raj and Emily, and while Raj quickly accepts his apology, Emily is tired of taking insults for her job as a dermatologist. Raj does not understand why she cannot just accept the apology and a fight ensues, which is only made worse when Sheldon follows her home and tries to apologize again.

bbt sheldon decides not to go to vegasRaj announces to the group that Emily will not go to Vegas if Sheldon is going, and Sheldon graciously decides not to go, saying it is the best way for the group to realize the sincerity of his apologies. Later, as the group boards the bus and hands out champagne, Sheldon and Stuart pop out of the bathroom, much to the dismay of the group. Sheldon quickly explains that he wants only to apologize again to Emily, which he does emphatically, explaining that he knows he will inadvertently insult her again in the future, but that his heart is in the right place. Emily forgives him, and Sheldon and Stuart leave the bus, which Stuart is not happy about, clearly he still wants to go. Before they drive away the gang decides Sheldon can join them, and they call him aboard. Stuart, seeing his opportunity, runs inside with Sheldon.

In the episode tag, Sheldon asks Emily if she is happy that she and Raj patched things up, to which she answers not really at the moment, for Raj is currently stripping on the stripper pole of the bus while Penny and Bernadette shower him with $1 bills.


SHELDON: (to Raj about Emily) She’s a dermatologist!
EMILY: I went to medical school!
SHELDON: In that case try to remove the irritating patch of brown skin standing next to you.

STUART: (about sick Sheldon being a pain) I get that. When I brought him his comics the other day he said, “Oh great, death is literally at my door.”

AMY: Hi Sheldon! What’s new?
SHELDON: Our friends are jerks and I’m mad at all of them.
AMY: I said “what’s new,” but sure.

SHELDON: (not understanding why Leonard still won’t let him come to Vegas) But I apologized, and I meant it! I know that we don’t play this game very often, but you’re doing it wrong.

SHELDON: (heading off the party bus) I’m sure you’ll all have a better time without me.
STUART: But I wanna stay.
SHELDON: Stuart! Now!

LEONARD: (stopping the bus and calling to Sheldon) Come on you pain in the ass!
SHELDON: (Face lighting up) That’s me! Bye Stuart!
STUART: (running after Sheldon to catch up) Wait, I’m a pain in the ass too!!

bbt sheldon apologizes to stuartLoved this episode, any time they really show off the craziness of Sheldon, especially in context to the whole group, makes for excellent comedy to me. I especially loved the sick montage, where we got rapid fire jokes about every character dealing with Sheldon, and I loved Amy pretending to be really enjoying her visit to winter Detroit just to stay away from sick Sheldon. Looking forward to seeing where Sheldon’s continued growth this season takes them, as well as seeing more of Raj and Emily, as they are the newest couple, and I want to see them either have more scenes with the group, or break-up so we can get some fresh blood. Oh, and my favorite part of this episode, the reveal in the opening of the guys watching their ladies discuss comic-book movies. I hope we have more scenes of the ladies getting their nerd on, there is some great comedy to be culled from that.