Isabelle Fuhrman is making quite a name for herself in Hollywood. If the face looks familiar, that’s because she first came on the scene as the terrifying and creepy Ester in the 2009 horror flick ‘Orphan.’ She is also starring in the upcoming ‘The Hunger Games’ movie where she will play Clove, a knife wielding female tribute from District 2. Now she’s in negotiations to co-star in the new M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi flick ‘After Earth’ with Will Smith and his son Jaden.

‘After Earth’ was originally titled ‘1000 AE’ and is set on a future Earth where humans have abandoned it after the planet becomes uninhabitable. Will Smith is playing a hero and Jaden will play his son (yes, the role is quite a reach) who is considered a failure as a warrior. When their craft crash lands on Earth, it’s up to the son to save his dad in a world that is now considered strange and dangerous.

If negotiations go well, Fuhrman will play Rayna, a friend of Jaden Smith’s character. She will be joining Zoe Kravitz (‘X:Men: First Class’, ‘Californication’) and Sophie Okonedo (‘Martian Child’, ‘Aeon Flux’) who will play the elder Smith’s daughter and wife respectively.

This will be the first movie since ‘The Last Airbender’ that Shyamalan has directed (and we all know how that one turned out!). While Will Smith does have the name to bring people to the theaters, is it enough to overcome the stigma left from Shymalan’s last several disastrous movies?

‘After Earth’ was originally written by Gary Whitta (‘The Book of Eli’) and Stephen Gagan (‘The Alamo’, ‘Syriana’) and filming is scheduled to begin in March. The movie is set for a June 2013 release.

Source: THR