Found footage horror film, ‘The Devil Inside’ had a very strong opening. If you just saw the trailers, you may not realize that it is a work of fiction. The movie centers around a documentary filmmaker who investigates her mother, who twenty years prior, murdered three people during an attempted exorcism. The film was Directed by William Brent Bell who cowrote with Matthew Peterman. So what’s next for the filmmakers?

A new project, funded by Sierra/Affinity and Incentive Filmed Entertainment will be a werewolf flick. According to  Bloody-Disgusting , the storyline will be about a suspect turning into a werewolf in a police station. This is exciting news for fans of wolf/human hybrids who will see the end of the ‘Twilight’ saga this year and may have been disappointed by Benecio Del Toro in ‘The Wolfman.’ Bell will direct the film based on a script co-penned (again) with Peterson. Steven Schneider (who also produced ‘Devil Inside’) will produce along with Morris Paulson.

While ‘The Devil Inside’ was universally panned by critics (not uncommon for films not screened for them), it has earned almost $35 million so far on a budget of only $1 million. Found footage style horror films, especially ones without a ton of special effects, are relatively cheap to film, so it’s unsurprising that the next Bell project–also expected to use found footage style–has found funding after the success of ‘Devil Inside.’

But before the new werewolf film starts filming, Bell already has ‘The Vatican’ in pre-poduction. That film is a thriller from Warner Bros. and we can assume from the title that it will deal–like ‘The Devil Inside’–with the Catholic Church.

Did you see ‘The Devil Inside’ or does “shaky cam” give you an upset stomach? Let us know if you’re on the William Brent Bell bandwagon in the comments section!