Disney plans to bring an adaption of ‘Hover Car Racer’ to the big screen. THR reports Disney has hired Dan Harris to write the adaption of Matthew Reilly’s young adult novel.

‘Hovercar’ is a sci-fi adventure story set in the near future; humans drive hover cars, vehicles that “float” a few feet off the ground because of a type of repulsion technology. In this future, humans still love to race things, so racing the fast hover cars becomes a popular sport. The novel is about Jason Chaser, a young man who attends Race School, and follows his journey to become the best ‘Hover Car Racer.’

Dan Harris is best known for writing ‘Superman Returns’ and ‘X2: X-Men United’ with Michael Dougherty. Two former ‘Smallville’ writers, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, are producing.

Disney has not set an official release date for the film.