FX’s newest, and record breaking show American Horror Story has been renewed for a 13 episode Season 2. The show premiered on October 5th with 8 million viewers, making it number one for the network. Its following episodes have kept it at it’s high, making the first season of American Horror Story to be one of the highest rated shows in FX history.

The story follows a family who moves into a seemingly normal house with a violent history. The characters surrounding the house are the ones that keep you really locked into the story, and makes you wonder who really is the villain in the end.  I find the neighbors and characters surrounding the house to be the most intriguing. The Harmon’s are interesting enough, but I think most viewers really want to know what the surrounding cast is going to do next, especially with the addition last week of Zachary Quinto and Teddy Sears as part of the supporting cast.

Have you been meaning to watch the show but haven’t found the time? FX is re-airing the first four episodes tonight starting at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central time, in a Halloween Marathon. The newest episode will air this Wednesday at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central titled “Halloween Part 2”

What do you think about FX’s decision? Do you think they can keep this scary story going strong for another season?

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