Previously on Dexter, we saw Dexter and Brother Sam get closer over Harrison getting sick, Deb is struggling dealing with her new job, and Miami Metro Homicide now has a lead in the Doomsday murders, Professor Gellar.

This week the story begins with Dexter going over the angel wings from the murder of the waitress. There are no fingerprints or traces, until Dexter cuts through a layer of the wings and finds a particular glue holding things together.

Travis and Gellar are now looking for The Whore of Babylon for the next staged murder. While praying, Travis sees Professor Gellar bleeding from the head, but when they are done the blood is gone. They go to the bars in Miami, where Travis says he doesn’t feel bad about the work they do, but because everyone is doomed and they have no idea. Gellar calls him sensitive, and that is why he was chosen to help in their holy work. They notice that Gellar is on the front page of the newspaper, and Gellar tells Travis he has to find the whore alone. Travis is scared, saying he can’t do it alone, but Gellar says he has faith. When trying to grab a girl that night, he fails, and returns to Gellar empty handed. Gellar says everyone has their failures, and will go with him the next night.

In the meeting, Deb tells everyone that she wants everyone to follow up on Gellar. His last known assistant was Clarissa Morris, and she worked with him at the University of Tallahassee. There was a number found on the waitress, 1244. Masuka’s new intern, Louis, says the only number repeatedly found in Revealations is 1260, which is probably the number being counted to, which gives them about 15 days. Masuka asks Louis to take care of the Ice Truck Killer evidence that Ryann was selling on the internet, and he says he can see what he can do. In the hall, Dexter runs into Brother Sam, and invites him over, making Sam a new friend for himself.

Dexter continues on his plan to find the other Doomsday killer, and goes to the art museum to find out more about the glue. He is ushered into a video where Travis is seen on the screen. Before he can find out his name, he is called to a crime scene. He figures out the crime scene in about 15 seconds, which amazes Mike. Mike begins to badmouth the department, and Dexter calmly reminds him that Deb is his sister.

That night, Dexter goes online and finds Travis in the internet database of museum employees. Right after, Brother Sam shows up at his door to say goodnight to Harrison, and brings him a stuffed lamb, and he and Dexter talk on the balcony. Dexter tells him a little about where his darkness comes from, why he works in homicide with blood, and reminisces about his mother, showing his trust, which is something Dexter is not known to do. Sam says that they should do this more often.

The next day Dexter trails Travis, and when Travis leaves for work, breaks into his apartment. The first thought Dexter has is that he’s very neat, everything is in its place. Travis has his Masters Degree in Art History from University of Tallahassee, where Professor Gellar was from. Dexter finds a copy of Gellars book on the world ending, and a very old Bible. In the Bible the numbers that have been found on the victims are cut out, which is later proven in a quick lab analysis, that the page numbers line up with each hole in the page.

Quinn and Angel have gone to the University of Tallahassee, and question Clarissa Morris, Gellar’s protege. She said that they did have a relationship, they lived together for a year, and she did care about him very much. But she was one of many, in a long line of student aids. Quinn later takes her to a bar, which Angel tries to break up with no success, and later sleeps with Clarissa. The next day when Angel comes to pick up Quinn, he discovers a box in Clarissa’s house labelled “Gellar” and finds a journal filled with Gellar’s drawings that are exactly as the murders are. They bring in Clarissa for questioning.

Deb and Mike talk about how things are around the office, and how Deb can’t even stay in her office because it doesn’t feel like hers. Deb brings her work home, and is working on the floor with pictures strewn about when Harrison walks in to say goodnight. Jamie sees the pictures and gets mad at Deb for not being more responsible, and hands her Quinn’s engagement ring that he had asked back for earlier, and that she’s not her maid or her housekeeper and she should be more responsible. Deb fights back that she just needs a place to work, and she just feels like she doesn’t have a place of her own.

Later, a therapist comes to see Deb about the shooting that took place earlier this season. Everything from the shooting is fine but since then things have gone down hill. Deb vents to the therapist, and feels a little better after. She and Mike go to the house where the murder/suicide of the episode took place. They talk down the price with the landlord, and she has a place of her own.

Dexter traps Travis in his car after work. Travis rats out Professor Gellar, saying God speaks through the Professor and that he is a prophet. He says Gellar shows him the truth. Travis tells Dexter that he couldn’t kill anyone, that he is a failure for God, that Gellar is stronger with no fear or regret, and that he himself is pathetic. Dexter tells him that he knows more about dark than anyone, and that Gellar isn’t showing him the light but is pulling him towards darkness. Dexter lets him go, saying his car will be waiting for him at the museum, and continues to track him. Travis, walking back to the museum to get his car, calls Gellar, telling him he won’t be home that night, he’s feeling sick. Gellar knows something is wrong, but Travis doesn’t tell him.

The next morning, Brother Sam goes into his garage with his dog, and is shot 3 times in the chest by an unknown shooter.

This season so far on Dexter has been more up speed that we’re used to, very much more on the edge of your seat. How do you feel about Travis being sort of the weakling compared to Gellar? What do you think of Brother Sam’s developing relationship with Dexter? Do you think Deb will be less chaotic now she’s on her own?

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