Many spec scripts are sold in Hollywood but very few make it to the final destination of the silver screen. Here’s one that sounds like it would make a very good feature film and it’s called ‘Abducted.’

‘Abducted’ was originally written by ‘Snakes on a Plane’ scribe John Heffernan and bought by Paramount in June. It was described as “’Die Hard’ on an alien spaceship.” Not much has been heard of the script since then but now word has it that Paramount has hired John Glenn to “re-image” the script.

The basic premise will be the same in that it will be the story about a group of alien abductees who decide to battle their way off an extraterrestrial space craft. Glenn (who wrote the Shia LaBeouf movie ‘Eagle Eye’) seems to be the go to guy for ‘re-images’ as he is also currently working on a contemporary version of the Robert Louis Stevenson story ‘Treasure Island’ which proposes that Manhattan is really the legendary ‘Treasure Island’ and the novel  is based on real life events and characters.

Mary Parent (‘Pleasantville’, ‘Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins’) and Cale Boyter (‘Blade: Trinity’, ‘The Butterfly Effect’) are set to produce. The fact that Paramount has hired Glenn to rewrite the script means they think that the idea is viable enough to go ahead in development. Hopefully we’ll see it go into production sometime next year as it does sound like it would make for a great movie!

Source: Deadline