Following recent drastic, but necessary, decisions, Abbie and Ichabod search for ancient books in order to fill gaps in their knowledge while waiting for the next strange happening to occur:  and it certainly comes quick when Henry tolls a bell which causes Witchcraft to partially awaken in a few townsfolk.

While the Witnesses begin to deal with this crisis, Jenny spill the beans on her recent encounter with Irving, and the trio devises a last-ditch effort plan involving the Gorgon head in case Frank needs to be subdued.  Dealing with the problem at hand, Crane utilizes his knowledge from cracking the Liberty Bell to hone in on the dark plot.  The bell in Sleepy Hollow contains magical energy and a ‘Ritual of Awakening’ would activate its full power and trigger those with magical bloodlines to become proper witches and warlocks.  With members of Katrina’s coven being among the towns founders, this would equate to a possible thousand individuals.

Ichabod and Abbie rush to crack this bell in the same fashion as Crane did in the past, only for a long breeding betrayal to finally come to light.  Katrina has fully aligned herself with Henry in order to bring back her ‘own kind.’  She rebukes and shuns Crane in the same moment she locks the Witnesses in a tunnel with Henry’s aid, so as to buy them time to complete the ritual.  All the while, Jenny is busy duking it out with Irving, which leads them into the tunnels below the town, where it seems likely she will use the Gorgon head.

Following a quick regroup, Crane determines the probable location where Henry and Katrina are hiding out, and the pair launches a full frontal assault.  This assault leads to a showdown between father and son that ends with Abbie’s vehicle bursting into flames by a magical attack that looks certain to be her demise.

Yet it was all a diversion by Abbie to give her enough time to crack the bell.  Henry catches on quickly, however, and stops her just as she secures the explosive device to the bell.  The duo is now captured and strung up to be burned just as witches once were, with the villainous individuals unaware of the explosives location.  Crane and Abbie quickly devise a plan to divide Henry’s attention and simultaneously shoot both the bell and Henry himself, in the hopes one bullet successfully reaches its target.

The plan succeeds and Henry is struck dead just as Jenny is about to unleash the Gorgon head on Frank.  Thankfully, she hesitates, as the warlock’s death breaks all evil ties to Frank Irving and his sanity and self are restored.

But as Irving gains his, this death of her son causes Katrina to lose hers.  Claiming regret over ever saving him from the Horseman, she pledges to change events and chants an unknown spell.  Abbie leaps after Katrina just as the spell is complete, and both vanish in a puff of smoke, leaving Ichabod alone and aghast.

A quick study of her surroundings leads Abbie to discover she has landed in 1778, and it doesn’t take much longer for her to be apprehended and thrown in jail.  Utilizing her snappy wits, she claims knowledge of vital military information, but will speak of it to one person only:  Ichabod Crane.

This time travel twist leads way to an intriguing finale where history can be altered, and an important life lost.  Where things go from here is anyone’s guess, and thankfully it shall not be long before the answers are discovered!