Iceman001_CvrMarvel is giving one of the original X-Men their own title for the first time in ‘Iceman’ #1! In it, we’ll see the first issue having Bobby Drake fight his time-displaced younger self. There is a lot of story to Drake that hasn’t been explored in recent years but quite a bit of build up for the character. From his younger self who came out as gay while we’ve seen h im in a slew of relationships and even being in love to the fact that he has evolved into an Omega Level mutant who was briefly evil.

Writer Sina Grace has been given a lot of background story to build upon, but it won’t just be the past that is explored here. The goal is that “while reflecting on all he’s accomplished over the years, he realizes that the legacy he’s built can be so much more!” Acknowledging Iceman’s power level is something that the X-Men books haven’t really touched on since it was demonstrated and I can’t wait to see this actually be explored.

It looks like the book opens with Bobby and his younger self as they are getting some practice in and I have a feeling that this will prompt the entire direction of the book.

According to Grace:

Iceman has one of the most tenured legacies as a Marvel Super Hero and was one of the originators of the modern Marvel Universe. As a lifelong X-Men fan (I’ve got the dog-eared floppies to prove it!), writing Iceman has been the greatest and most challenging project I’ve been lucky enough to work on. Writing this series has been like making best friends with someone who’s been in my class for years, but I never took the time to ask how they were doing. Turns out, Bobby Drake has a LOT to say paired with a LOT of achievements he’s still looking to unlock.

I can’t wait to see what Sina has planned to reference in the book and which classic story arcs will be brought back to the forefront.

You can check out the previews of the book below!






Artistically it looks beautiful and gives us a very classic X-Men vibe. We also get a look at a pretty powered up version of the character.

Are you looking forward to ‘Iceman’ getting his own book? Do you think we’ll see him reflect on what he briefly did while evil? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Iceman’ is set to be released on June 7th, 2017!

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