Tonight on the Syfy channel, ‘Firefly’ alum Jewel Staite, and ‘Supernatural’’s A.J. Buckley will be appearing in the original movie ‘Doomsday Prophecy’. Staite will play Brooke, an archeologist who teams up with a book editor played by Buckley. They go and hunt down a mysterious author whose novels can predict the future. When the author is found dead, the book editor finds a device which enabled the author to see the future and now it shows him what the future brings…an impending geological nightmare that will end the world. Will they be able to save the planet before it’s too late?

If you’re into disaster and end of the world type of films, then ‘Doomsday Prophecy’ is for you. It’s been touted as a less budgeted ‘2012’. To promote their movie, Strait and Buckley answered questions about the project and their own feelings about the doomsday prophecy with Newsrama:

Buckley says about ‘Doomsday Prophecy’, “The thing that I thought was really clever (about the movie) was how they tied in Nostradamus and made it relevant today…they did a nice way to tie in someone who everyone has heard of and (who) has made these great prophecies into someone living today and sort of pulling a connection…” When asked about his thoughts on the Mayan calendar ending in 2012,  he responds, “I’m excited. I just think it’s so fascinating that something so long ago and just the intelligence of this culture and this race…. I don’t think that it’s the end of days by any means…But I think that something great will happen.” He went on to continue that he totally believes in aliens and intelligent life out in space. “I think we are in the embryotic stage of discovering what is out in the universe. And hopefully I’ll be alive to get to witness something that we’ve talked about for so long. But I really think it’s going to be something great.”

Many of Staite’s and Buckley’s fans know them from their sci-fi stints. When asked about whether they would go back into that genre, Buckley replied, “The more that I’ve done it, the more that I want to keep doing it… There’s unbelievable sci-fi shows that are out there. So I would jump at the opportunity to continue in that world. ..when you get that love and respect from people it makes you want to continue in that genre and do good work for them.”

Staite seemed to agree and added,” Yes, absolutely… a lot of really well written female characters happen to be in sci-fi. …It’s fun to stretch and go beyond the limits of your imagination and just sort of be in these crazy situations that you have to play out. And it’s fun. It’s always an adventure every day. And that’s why I like staying in this genre so much”

Newsarama ended the call asking about Staite on her thoughts of her role on ‘Firefly’. She explained that the way ‘Firefly’ was cancelled had her feel like there was some unfinished business and she often wonders “what if?” And it doesn’t seem as though it’s only the fans who are hoping for a ‘Firefly’ movie. As Staite comments, “I mean we’re still holding out. …we sit around and listen to Nathan (Fillion) talk about winning the lottery… And he was like, “If I win the lottery I’m going to buy the rights to Firefly and we’re going to make another movie.” And we’re all like, “Whatever Nathan.” There is no bigger Firefly fan than Nathan Fillion, let me tell you.” Well, the fans are with you there Nathan!

For the full transcript of the interview, check out Newsarama. ‘Doomsday Prophecy’ will air on the Syfy channel on Saturday, August 13 at 9 ET/PT. As an added treat, during the 9pm ET airing of their movie, Staite (@JewelStaite) and Buckley (@AJohnBuckley) will be live tweeting and you can join and ask questions! Just use the hashtag #DoomdayProphecy to be part of this event.

You can watch the official trailer below: