Well this episode of ‘Haven’ was certainly… interesting! This was the first episode of seven proposed parts involving the use of the very popular social media site Twitter. The shows two cast members, Vince and Dave are engaged in a “Twitter contest” in order to see who can gain the most followers. Vince and Dave are live tweeting during the live viewing of ‘Haven’, and interacting with somebody who uses the handle @ColdInHaven.

During the show, the tweets show up in your timeline, (if you are following Vince and Dave)

Eventually, strange messages show up, two of them reads as follows:






If you want to follow along with Vince and Dave, the Twitter names @Davehaven @VinceHaven are whom you need to follow.

Vince and Dave are unable to help anyone, even themselves at this point. It seems the forest has taken on a life much unlike we understand and roots have trapped them in their van, along with Nathan.

Audrey has answered a call at a wedding where strange events have occurred. Chris shows up for their “date” only to find that Audrey is dead set on solving this case.

Duke and Evi are at the same wedding to get the box they found appraised by Beverly Keegan, a prominent member of Haven’s historical society. The Groom, Peter, is fighting with the father of the bride, Ben Keegan, over rights to the family’s land. Ben is ripped from the house by some unseen force, Audrey follows the trail of evidence into the dense woodland where Chris shows up to help.

Back at the wedding party, the body of Ben appears, badly mangled by what Chris determines is something other than human. Another victim is taken right before their eyes by roots originating from the the nearby forest. They escape into the barn, the roots engulf the entire structure, trapping them inside where they appear to be safe… for the time being.

It would appear that everyone in this family are aggravated with each other for one reason or another. A sordid family past has bred so much hatred over the decades that the plants have reacted.

Chris suggests an equal but opposite force – love – as a counter-agent. As Audrey points out to Beverly, Dom has been in love with her all this time.  Just as Audrey plans to send Dom and Beverly through the vines, Nathan arrives outside the door, using Vince and Dave’s “emergency kit” consisting of a hockey stick with road flares duct taped to it to forge his way through the vines.

The couples pair up, Dom and Beverly, Keegan and Novelli, Duke and Evi, Audrey and… Chris? This leaves Nathan standing there looking… well, I’ll let you decide how he feels about this.

The ending of this episode leaves me staring at the screen, my mouth dropped open in disbelief. But I cannot bring myself to divulge any details here, you simply must watch for yourself! So tune in to Syfy channel soon and don’t let this fascinating bit of TV goodness slip by you! Oh, and before I forget, Follow Dave @Davehaven Vince, @VinceHaven, and the mystery person here @ColdInHaven to join in on the fun as Syfy’s ‘Haven’ and Twitter join together for a history first!

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