A slow start introduces us to this ‘Miracle Day’ episode called ‘The Middle Men.’

Ernie Hudson makes his first appearance as Stuart Owens and calls an associate of his in Shanghai. He asks him to check out one of the modules there, which he does. He calls Stuart back, tells him there is nothing there – and promptly throws himself off a skyscraper.

Rex gets captured by the Military and is detained. Captain Jack is questioning a young woman, Janet Rae, working for Owens. He informs her that her boss – and lover is transferring her to Chicago, with a questionable recommendation. This makes her more than willing to help Jack out in making contact with her boss.

Stuart Owen seems to be trying to find the same answers Jack is. “This is way beyond any of us, even Phicorp” says Stuart, “They are making a profit.” During this conversation with Jack we find out there is one piece of information Stuart’s operatives picked up, something known only as, “The Blessing.”

Vera’s simpering excuse for a killer is summoned to question Rex, chained to a post, who then sends the guards away. Rex unknowingly tells him about the video tape, and he attempts to kill Rex with a ball point pen until Esther shows up and interrupts him.

My opinions of Esther as being useless are temporarily altered as she fights back, and well. As Colin attempts to toss her about like a rag doll, she presses a thumb in his eye, and places a swift kick directly to the “executive order.” She then manages to strangle the mentally unstable excuse for a man. Bravo Esther, bravo.

Esther goes back to Colin to retrieve his keys to free Rex, and of course, he attacks her again. Being a fairly large moron of a man he this time gets the better of her and begins strangling her. As Esther is about to fade away, Colin is shot several times by his accomplice who has clearly had just about enough of this.

Meanwhile, Rhys attempts to get a lorry into the compound in order to retrieve Gwen’s Father before he is sent to the modules. He uses Captain Jack’s name as a supervisor in order to gain entry.

Gwen wheels her Father out of the hospital just as Rhys backs the truck up. “Where the hell were you?” Gwen says to him, “I was on time ‘til this officious bastard held me up!” Rhys and Gwen have one, OK, two quick snogs before he drives off, and heroically smashes the south gate on his way out. Shortly after, Gwen dons the contact lenses, jumps a motorbike and records a message as she blows the hell out of the compound and speeds off at top speed.

So the damage is done, the news is out. The world now knows of the Cat 1 patients’ fates, but as Captain Jack discovers, fighting aliens is far easier than fighting politics.

At the end we see that Gwen is in the airport, and gets paged to answer the “white courtesy phone” at which time someone instructs her to put on the lenses, and she does so to see this message: “We have your Mother. We have your Husband. We have your… Child.” Gwem starts asking, “Who are you? What do you want?” Gwen is left staring at her reflection until another message comes across her line of vision, “Bring us Jack.” The show is over once Gwen recoils in horror.

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