‘Sin City’ Director Robert Rodriquez says that he’s now ready for ‘Sin City 2’, according to a recent interview with We Got This Covered.

Rodriguez stated, “Sin City 2 is going good, we’re just finishing the script for that, we already got the money. We have everything we need so we can just start shooting as soon as we get the pages.”

‘Sin City’ creator Frank Miller is currently working on the sequel script. Based on Miller’s fantastic neo-noir graphic novel series ‘Sin City’, a groundbreaking film version was released in 2005. While the $40 million budgeted film didn’t set the box office on fire it did gross a respectable $158 million worldwide total. In contrast, the $200 million budgeted ‘Green Lantern’ has grossed $160 million worldwide. Maybe Warner Bros. should hire Rodriguez for its sequel.

The film featured an amazing cast that included Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Benicio Del Toro, Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Elijah Wood, Rutger Hauer, the late Brittany Murphy and too many more to list. How Rodriguez was able to put together such a stellar cast is intriguing.

In order to bring the script to life, the director used extensive greenscreen techniques to recreate the look and feel of the graphic novels. While greenscreen is commonly used in film and television (actors are filmed against a screen and then a digital background is used instead of real sets), Rodriguez filmed almost the entire film using greenscreen creating a stunning black and white world. These same techniques were used to film ‘300’ which was also based on a Miller graphic novel. Since the film is actually several stories loosely tied together, the film is also unique because Rodriguez co-directed the film with writer Frank Miller and Quentin Tarantino which caused a lot of Hollywood controversy with the directors guild and ultimately lead to Rodriguez leaving the guild.

About ‘Sin City’:
“Ex-con Marv (Mickey Rourke) avenges a hooker’s (Jaime King) death, Detective Dwight (Clive Owen) gets involved with hazardous vixens and a rogue cop (Bruce Willis) becomes hell-bent on saving a stripper (Jessica Alba) from a rapist (Nick Stahl) in interlaced stories adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novels.”

About ‘Sin City 2’:
“Cornering the market on sex and blackmail, Dwight McCarthy (Clive Owen) matches rich men with prostitutes before snapping their photographs and selling the pictures to their wives — but he’d give anything to go legit. Robert Rodriguez continues to flesh out co-director Frank Miller’s Sin City series of graphic novels with this gritty film noir.”

Distributor Dimension Films doesn’t currently have a release date set.