William Shatner Carrie Fisher

When Donald Trump‘s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was again destroyed, Mark Hamill suggested it be replaced with Carrie Fisher‘s and now William Shatner is also proposing that Fisher gets a star! Sadly, it should be pointed out that regardless of who is pushing for Fisher to get a star that she won’t be eligible to get one until at least December 27th, 2021. Unknown to many, there is a rule in place that requires at least a five-year mourning period when a star dies before anyone can nominate them. It is a policy put in place so people don’t jump into nominations and voting based on the swelling of emotions surrounding a beloved actor’s death.

That hasn’t stopped Hamill, or now Shatner, from making a push for it to happen. Here is what Captain Kirk had to say about it in a recent set of tweets:

I’m pretty sure that the fund would get filled rather quickly if either of these stars started a GoFundMe but Shatner does raise a valid point. Even if there weren’t a rule that prevented such an occurrence from happening, it would be best for the family to bring this up once everyone’s favorite Princess is eligible.

Do you feel that Carrie Fisher should have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Where do you think it should be located at? Share your thoughts below!