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Good news for Karl Urban fans looking for the man to return to the comic-book movie world (and bad luck for those hoping that return will herald ‘Dredd 2′), it appears Warner Bros is looking at Urban to play a supporting role/ villain opposite Jason Mamoa in ‘Aquaman.’ According to sources, there is also talk of ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ director Noam Murro taking the reigns of the  high-seas adventure, which means the studio is finally putting all their ducks in a row regarding this project. According to the same source, they are waiting for Urban to wrap up his commitment to ‘Star Trek 3,’ which is set to shoot this year, before opening discussions with him about his future in ‘Aquaman’ and the DC Cinematic Universe.

As for what role they might be eyeing for Urban, most fans think he is being asked to play the classic Aquaman villain “Oceanmaster,” the brother of Aquaman who grew tired of living in his brother’s shadow and decided to become a villain to claim the kingdom of Asgard, er sorry, Atlantis for himself. (Good news is that Urban and Mamoa at least look like they could be brothers, see picture to the left). As you can tell, it would be an interesting choice as its very similar to the story Marvel has with Thor and Loki, and while I think Karl Urban is a phenomenal actor, I do not think he would enjoy the pressure of trying to be the Tom Hiddleston of the DC Cinematic Universe. Not to mention it would be another comic-book movie in which he would have to wear a bulky head-piece that covers most of his face, making it difficult for the reknown actor to actually act.

Still, the rumor-mill might have it wrong. He may be in mind for another role beside Oceanmaster. Personally, I hope Urban turns down the part, as I would hate to see his talent wasted on a middling role in an ‘Aquaman’ movie that doesn’t have quite the fan-base, star-power, or success possibilities as the other DC Universe films.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is Urban a good fit for the ‘Aquaman’ story? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: CinemaBlend