There is constant growth of characters in a television series and ‘Haven’ does not deviate from this fact, far from it. Emily Rose as Audrey Parker has found herself in her character. She grows as an actress with every episode, and in doing so creates relationships with her viewers that makes us want to know more. What is the mystery surrounding her?

‘Love machine’ begins with a fisherman being attacked by his boat. This is ‘Haven’ afterall, so this isn’t all that strange.
The Audrey’s are talking about the life they supposedly both have lived. Duke has offered our Audrey his available apartment, just as a means to keep her close, according to Duke.

Audrey and Nathan check out the incident at the docks, where the fishing boat decides to finish the job and drop its crane on the fisherman. As usual there are no motives, and the only suspect is an angry fishing boat. Welcome to ‘Haven’ everyone!

When this particular “trouble” begins to migrate closer to shore, Audrey and Nathan find themselves looking for the source of the phenomenon. The machines are lashing out of their own accord, it would appear. But, as we have come to understand, the denizens of this lovely but neurotic little town seem to be the epicenter of these preternatural events.

Suspect number one, aside from the boat, that is, would be Jimmy. As Audrey and Nathan confront him to determine whether or not he is involved, the direction of their investigation is moved solidly in another direction. Jimmy, as it turns out, was not in fact the cause of the trouble. As two machines work in unison to attack and kill him in a fairly gruesome way for prime time television.

Fake Audrey, who some have begun referring to as “Faudrey” I’ll assume this to be “fake Audrey” checks out a lead they found in a book left by Agent Howard.
Following the latitude and longitude coordinates found within the pages of the book. Duke agrees to shuttle her to the island via his boat. “Faudrey” continues on the path and the coordinates wind up leading her to a large antiquated structure. When she opens the door to peer inside Duke appears, looking for our imitation Audrey after the agreed time to meet back at his boat has passed. Duke finds her, with absolutely no memory of what she saw, or who he is, or in fact, who she is!

The only person Faudrey seems to recall is her boyfriend Brad, whom Audrey contacts to come to Haven and care for our amnesic Audrey. He takes her home with him, to leave us wondering if we will see her again.

Audrey and Nathan return to the very location where the “event” took place, only to find… nothing, no building or anything else, for that matter – deepening the mystery surrounding Audrey’s past.

The premise of the show is revealed in a very unexpected way,  and is thwarted if not with a sad ending for a Haven couple.

All in all, this episode is pure Haven “magic” that we have come to love, and speaking of love, it hurts!

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