Just when we thought that the dinosaurs of ‘Terra Nova’ would no longer walk the Earth, or at least, on the Fox network, we got news that 20th Century Fox TV had entered talks with Netflix, who is looking to strengthen their original programming slate by picking up Fox’s failed Steven Spielberg-produced show, along with ABC’s ‘The River’. However, after two weeks of negotiations, the two sides could not come to terms on a deal, so it looks like the chances of seeing the show again are likely slim to none. 20th TV isn’t giving up just yet though. The producers have yet to release their actors from their contracts and they are continuing to shop the show around town with the hopes that another network will pick it up.

As Deadline points out, 20th TV has had a pretty good track record with resurrecting shows as it has managed to bring ‘Family Guy’, ‘Futurama’, and ‘Arrested Development’ back from the dead. The difference here though is two fold. Firstly, ‘Terra Nova’ never really had the ratings that those shows had. It had decent ratings and it did very well internationally, but it was nowhere near the same level as ‘Arrested Development’ in terms of popularity. Secondly, because of the high cost to make ‘Terra Nova’, it’s simply unrealistic for Netflix to take on such an epic project that involves such elaborate sets and CGI.

Three cast members have already taken on other projects while ‘Terra Nova’ is being shopped around: leading man Jason O’Mara will be co-starring in CBS’ Ralph Lamb drama pilot, Allison Miller will be appearing alongside Matthew Perry in ABC’s comedy ‘Go On’, and Christine Adams can be found in ABC’s drama pilot ‘Americana’. If any of those get picked up for a season order, then that would be yet another kick to the gut of the already down ‘Terra Nova’.

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, ‘Terra Nova’ fans. I’m sorry to say it, but things are not looking good.