Before we get to the review of the ‘Flashpoint Legion of Doom #2,’ you need to know a few things gentle readers. First, the Flashpoint Universe is a bleak and violent place. This reality is more dark and harsh than the DC Universe that preceded the Flashpoint. Second, Heatwave (the lead villain in this book) is literally a Z-list villain, who I honestly had to wiki after reading ‘Flashpoint Legion of Doom #1’ to refresh myself.

The team of Heatwave and Plastic Man… err “Eel” O’Brian is one formidable devious duo. Working together to free Heatwave from the meta-human prison, they are embracing their inner Ryan O’Reily and Simon Adebisi from HBO’s prison drama Oz.

Now, when I said the Flashpoint Universe was dark, that wasn’t hyperbole and this book is no exception. ‘Legion of Doom #2’ firmly earns it’s “T” for Teen rating for sure! This book is downright brutal this month.

For me there were a few stand out events during the breakout. When Heatwave and Plastic Man come across the inmate meta-leaders of the prison, Flaming Skull, we learn his prison bitch is none other than the hero Animal Man. Animal Man is apparently the only innocent man in the entire prison. Flaming Skull then forces him to fight Heatwave to prove himself.

Now when it comes to Heatwave and fighting, keep in mind he mercilessly killed Firestorm at the beginning of issue #1 and snuck Plastic Man inside the prison via another prisoner at the end. Basically, Animal Man doesn’t stand a chance. This fight was especially brutal and eventually leaves Animal Man on the receiving end of a curb stomp, after having his nose bitten off of course.

It is interesting to see Plastic Man as a villain, he was a small-time crook before becoming a Hero, but it looks like without Batman (Bruce Wayne) and his influence Eel O’Brian just gave in to all of his madness. He is brutal and crazy and I almost would rather him be a villain all the time.

The final brutality in this issue is dealt to the Atom. It turns out Amazo isn’t autonomous at all; he is controlled by a gimpy Ray Palmer. When Palmer refuses to play ball with the villains, he comes to a head crushing conclusion as Heatwave decides to go ahead and crush his head rather than deal with more questions.

Now the inmates are literally running (or in this case flying) the prison and they are getting ready to crash right into Detroit Rock City to teach Cyborg it doesn’t pay to put villains in prison. I am really enjoying the Legion of Doom – writer Andy Glass has been doing an excellent job writing this book. Maybe Dan Didio and Jim Lee will give us more when the new 52 kicks off later this summer. For now, make sure you pick this book up and if you missed #1 grab that one too. ‘Flashpoint Legion of Doom’ is one of the best tie-ins to this epic universe spanning event.