One of the best advantages of Comic-Con is that movie studios release promos of upcoming movies with their lead actors right there to make the big reveals. In this case, it was Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried for their movie ‘In Time’.

‘In Time’ is a sci-fi thriller written and directed by Andrew Niccol (best known for his work on ‘Gattaca’, ‘The Truman Show’ and ‘Lord of War’). In the future, people stop aging when they reach 25 and time has become the existing currency in this future world. Buying a cup of coffee, for example, will cost you 3 days of your life. Once you reach 25, you are genetically designed to die within the year unless you can buy yourself more time. The rich can live forever while others beg, borrow or steal to make it through another day.  Justin Timberlake plays Will Salas, a poor 28 year old who was struggling to stay alive when he was gifted a century to add to his life. But when his benefactor is found dead, Will is forced to go on the run with a hostage (Amanda Seyfried) to avoid the immortal rich and the corrupt police.

Talking to Obsessed With Film, Justin Timberlake says about this role, “The idea of how could we achieve being young forever… I just fell in love with the man that he was. An ordinary man being put in fantastical situations. He wakes up with 24 hours on his body clock, so he only has a day to live. [I liked] the idea of what would you do, how would you live; the idea of having to beg and steal to stay alive.”

‘In Time’ will be in theaters October 28th but you can see a preview of the movie here: