Before the next episodes of TNT’s newest Sci-fi hit Falling Skies airs, Sunday’s at 10:00 pm if you are wondering, check out our character Roll Call to find out who is who. Below is a list of the show’s main characters and what motivates them to survive a post-apocalyptic  world where bug-like aliens known as “Skitters”, along with mech-suited patrols, roam the streets  looking to kill or capture and harness the survivors.

Noah Wyle as Tom Mason, a former Boston history teacher who becomes the second-in-command of the 2nd Mass, a group fighting for humanity in post-apocalyptic Boston. Mason has three sons: Hal, Matt and Ben, his middle child who was taken and harnessed by the Skitters. His wife died a short time after the invasion. He is good friends with the 2nd Mass Doctor Anne Glass, and shares some of her views on civilian rights.
Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass, the 2nd Mass' resident doctor. She was a pediatrician before the invasion, and because of the circumstances, she has become a battlefield medic. She is generally inclined to watch over the civilians, and believes they should do all they can to help them. Her husband and son were killed in the invasion, but how they died is still a mystery.
Will Patton as Weaver, the no nonsense leader of the 2nd Mass. Weaver is a retired military officer. He doesn't like the 2nd Mass' assignment includes guarding over so many civilians; this is a point on which he and Mason and Glass often disagree. Beyond that not much is known about his past family life and their whereabouts.
Drew Roy as Hal Mason, Tom's oldest son. He is 16 years old and is a fighter and scout in the 2nd Mass. His pseudo-girlfriend Karen fights at his side. Although Hal is sometimes cold toward Matt and his father, he cares deeply for his family.
Jessy Schram as Karen, a teenage girl who is a fighter and a scout in the 2nd Mass. She is involved with Hal Mason and at times is jealous of First-Year Medical Student Lourdes and the chemistry between she and Hal.
Colin Cunningham is the mysterious John Pope, the leader of a post-apocalyptic gang of robbers and thieves. He captured Tom, Hal, Karen, Anthony, and Dai and intended to trade them back to the 2nd Mass in exchange for weapons and food. However, the plan backfired when Margaret turned on the gang to help Tom and the rest escape. Pope was captured and the rest of his gang killed when trying to exploit his knowledge of the Skitters and their tracking ships.
Maxim Knight as Matt Mason is Tom's youngest son. Matt is having trouble adjusting to life after the invasion, particularly dealing with the death of his mother and disappearance of his brother Ben.
Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes, a first-year medical student who helps Anne with the 2nd Mass wounded. She is religious and her faith in God is still strong despite the circumstances. She has a crush on Hal, which Karen shuts down for the most part.
Sarah Carter as Marggie a woman who was once a part of Pope's gang. She helped Tom Mason and his team escape after they were captured by Pope. Maggie was "recruited" by Pope, and she kills two members of his gang before they leave. She wants to earn her way into the 2nd Mass; she has seen Ben and other harnessed children.