Throughout the Flashpoint we have heard rumblings about Lois Lane, freedom fighter. She is somewhere on New Themyscira, working against Wonder Woman, her Furies and the rest of the Amazons. In Lois Lane and the Resistance #1 (of 3) we finally get the beginning of her story in the Flashpoint.

In the Flashpoint, Lois Lane is still an intrepid reporter on-the-go. Instead of covering the serious news of the world, Perry White has her and Jimmy Olsen covering the Haute Couture fashion show in Paris. Much to Lois’ chagrin. That is until Aquaman and his sea-faring countrymen decide to sink Paris.

Getting Lois’s first person view of Paris as it is being destroyed is pretty cool. DnA (Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning) along with Eddie Nunez and Don Ho, create a frantic pace where you don’t know who will live and who will die. This being the Flashpoint if anything is certain, everyone is fair game for the Grim Reaper’s touch (WOW, that was a little melodramatic).

This is one of the more interesting stories in the Flashpoint and while it’s not a drastic change in the character of Lois Lane, it is obvious in a world without Superman that she is pretty much bad ass. My request to DC Comics: in the DCnU, please keep Lois Lane bad ass.

This book has some definite highlights. When the Amazons are evacuating Paris, they refuse to rescue a Priest and his worshipers. You know because of their “false God” and all. Another highlight, though very sad, is the death of Jimmy Olsen. He died a hero saving a small child and in his final action he made sure Lois Lane took his camera. Leading to the next highlight, Jimmy Olsen is one of Cyborg’s operatives, and the camera is actually super smart technology that is a communications device to keep in touch with Cyborg. The final highlight… Artemis and Hawkgirl on the final page of the issue.

‘Lois Lane and the Resistance’ does a nice job showing the Flashpoint from another point of view. The real value in this book lies in the continuation of this story, but as an opening salvo DnA have given us a strong story with the promise of more to come.