‘Smallville’ aired on Friday night and if you missed it, don’t fret!  I’ll share what happened.  You should really tune in for it though; there’s not many episodes left until the series finale next month.  Be sure to get caught up before that airs!

So where do I begin?  Right, Lois is trying to work on Clark’s disguise…she wants him to be more nerdy and less, well – him.  While this is taking place, a new hero flies into town.  His name is Booster Gold, and his costume is just as flamboyant as his name and personality.  He seems to able to pinpoint when and where crime and accidents are supposed to happen…but how? 

During one of Booster’s “saves,” he protects a misfit teen from being hit by unmarked government vehicle, but in doing so accidentally releases a biotechnical weapon upon impact.  It’s a strangely made, high-tech scarab that skitters into the boy’s backpack and hides, later merging with him.

After a few confrontations with both Clark and Lois, the pair finds out that Booster is actually from the future.  He claims to be a superhero from the 25th century and is wearing a time travel ring from the legion, but his story doesn’t match up.  He lacks the presence and personality of a hero. After a close call with death, Booster confides in Clark.

A real “ham” for the cameras, Booster pesters Lois into granting him an interview, an offer she continually declines.  Meanwhile Lois is up for promotion and yet Kat decides to take the side of Booster Gold in an attempt to put herself in for the job.  She pursues Booster but he won’t give her an interview.  Finally she wiggles her way into being one of the dancing girls on stage that will hand him the key to the city. 

Booster tells Clark that real heroes show their faces, advice that doesn’t fall on deaf ears.  Clark in turn explains to Booster that the suit doesn’t make the man.  Afterward, Booster storms in to rehearse the ceremony in which he’ll receive the key to the city (which actually was supposed to be awarded to “The Blur”), but while in progress Scarab Boy crashes the party and threatens everyone.  The Blur saves Kat while Booster huddles in a corner, but he didn’t remain useless.  He talked to the boy and successfully showed him that,  by having some confidence in who he is, he can disarm the Scarab armor himself. The boy learns to control the weapon.

While this wasn’t one of the best episodes (and certainly not one you’d think would air before a series is supposed to be ending forever), it is inching Clark toward embracing his destiny and finally showing his face to the world.